Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Is it spring yet?

Snow is lovely only the first few hours in the park (when you live in a big city).
After a few days- its yuk!
We had enough!
I am ready for SPRING!
But happiness is sitting with your knitting group for a moment of stolen sanity:And your son loving his socks and not wanting to take them off...
"Been there done that"

And talk about a moment frozen in time!
Frozen in time


Annie said...

I like the part about the knitting group. :-) Your son's socks look great! So cool that he likes them, yay!

Hilde C. said...

Good to hear your son likes the socks. I'm sooooo ready for spring too :-)

Nana Sadie said...

Cool Socks! And so neat that boy-child likes them!

mary jane said...

I love your pictures. The little birdie feet in the snow, all your wonderful knitting, how the alpaca looks like the bushes around the pond, your son's sock clad feet! Thanks for visiting me too!

gail said...

what great photos!! And you son's socks are great also!! Here in Wisconsin we had spring in December and early January, then winter from mid-January to mid-February. Now we are back to spring. When we had snow on the ground it was too cold to x-c ski or skate, sled, etc. Now, the snow is melting fast. We are very disappointed--we want more snowy winter!!!

Rain said...

I'm not surprised he won't take them off, they look fab.

Unknown said...

kOh the good things you find when you join a ring!

Artis-Anne said...

Great photos I am ready for Spring too.
Great socks and what a lovely knitting group pic , wish I lived near one