Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Beanie with a message

May The Force Be With You. Another hat with a message for my son. He'll wear it if its malabrigo inside next to his ears and the forehead. I find hats without a second layer around the ears to be too drafty in the NYC winter. I think I got the chart for the letters from Hello Yarn. The hat pattern is generic. To get the inner part, you do a provisional CO and join when the outside matches the inside in length. The only problem now, I need another mindless project for 24 and Lost.....
Malabrigo, Kureyon, Addi circ US7. Knitting from stash=Priceless!
A Beanie with a message
Inner part
Beanie detail I
Beanie detail II
A Beanie with a message for my son

Friday, February 27, 2009

The Mittens are ready.........

But you can't see them yet...........
too late AM!
Wrapped in a Wrapsack. Its a line of reusable gift bags, that makes the case for Earth-friendly wrapping alternatives. Each sack comes with its own tracking number. Register your sack online and instruct the recipient to regift it. Then see where it travels.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Quickie Mitten Swap

SnK NYC organized a Quickie Mitten Swap ( thanks Anne-Marie!!) and I started my mittens, but, I can't show them to you. hahaha! The Quickie Mitten Swap Party is Saturday February 28, and until that time- my lips are sealed, I mean, my needles are crossed, I mean, I don't knit and tell.....
What I can show you is the yarn- lovely colors that make this project fun to knit. Introducing the Heathers. The Cascade 220 sisters.
The Heather sisters

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love is not selling very well this year.

And guess what! MaryMary nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger! Wow, thanks. She also listed 2 very Kreative knitters I visit often (hilde and garngamen nominated) So I am nominating the following creative knitters and fiber artists:
Hello Yarn

tiennie knits
sock prĂ˜n
Riihivilla, Dyeing with natural dyes.

And here is the award: Copy and paste to your blogs knitters!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Knee Highs for my boots

I needed a pair of knee highs for my wellies. I wanted a color and "feel" that would match, and I found Opal's Harry Potter in Hedwig, but one skein was not enough so I shopped my scarps and got some creative solutions. Knit two at once on 2 Addi US1 circ, this process took a while. The yarn is fun to watch transition, so it was not a hardship..... for the foot I used a bit of Austerman Step left over from socks I knit for a friend in 06. I think it works! Now the only question remains whether to wear it up or folded down?
Knee Highs
The "beggers can't be choosy" solution.
matched up with their intended............