Friday, July 28, 2006

Eye Candy Friday

I know, you wonder what it is; I did too. Here is the explanation: Sundara's idea to inspire and cheer ourselves up on long Friday afternoons.
Her plan is this: late morning or early afternoon on Friday, she is going to post photos that she has taken. Not of knitting, just of things she thinks are pretty or interesting or whatever. she encourages everybody to do the same. you can write something about it, or not.
My problem is, I can't pick just one today. I want to share more photos from the Bronx Botanical Gardens Chihuly exhibit.
Here are some Lotus flowers (also known as Sacred Lotus) and leaf. If you want to see more of the Chihuly exhibit photos click here.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Just another Wednesday

I know I have not posted in a while, but life gets in the way sometimes… Many hours at work, so when I get home, its kind of collapse and maybe watch a movie. Good to catch up on knitting- so I made progress on the Calla Lily. (from the Petal Collection) A nice little detail in the back, and lovely yarn to work with. Can you see the gentle sheen it has? Both pairs of socks wait to be turned. Tonight perhaps. . Hopeful is up to the neck/arm part. I have stopped there, for I’ll have to think to continue… (!!) Thinking option has been disabled for this week… The color flow is different in my pair . I saw some of the pairs at the KAL, and mine are different. The colors don't line up the same way. Not sure why.
While working on my Calla Lily, I was wondering about what is the best way to do a Left leaning decreases. I found this great blog that has a discussion about it. you all have to read Nona’s Comparing Left Slanting Decreases. I am so glad I stumbled into her blog and found this. I have been trying all this stuff in a way, but not sure when to use what.
The world is seeing some very tragic consequences of some crazy peoples actions, but the spirit goes on. Here is a story from the New York Times:
NAHARIYA, Israel, July 17 — As members of the Siboni family whiled away Monday afternoon in lawn chairs just outside their bomb shelter, knitting, smoking and reading the Torah, Hezbollah’s rockets suddenly fell with their signature thump.

But here in NYC, the heat is on and the summer is busy. We went to see the Chihuly at the New York Botanical Garden. If you are in NYC at all between now and October- stop by! More photos here.
And for inspiration today:

And finally- what you see has a lot to do with what is on your mind...

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Yes, its good to be home!

Annelie is right, it is good to be back home even as it is very hot again in NYC, and work has problems of all sorts.
Had a very tough week at work, many hours + the jet leg all week. Not much sleep, and as a result I wanted to have nothing to do with chores this weekend and I managed to avoid my pile of paperwork, although I did arrange it neatly on my computer desk, all ready to be sorted out. Soon, pile-o’-papers, soon! Tomorrow-another tough workweek. Why am I kvetching?
I guess cause they say a pain shared is a pain cut in half and a joy shared is a joy doubled, so I’ll share the pain/burden, and the joy.
I joyfully finished my Meilenweit cotton multiringel socks. I do like the toe. But not the heel. I am glad I did it though, now I know. Speaking of heels and toes- here is a fantastic list and links to many different toes/ heels/ cast-ons/ cast-offs.
What? Oh the lavender Crocs? Yes, well, I forgot to mention that I got another pair for home…….. they do show off socks well, don’t they?

So I finished my Meilenweit, and I am hard at work on my Austermann Step. I really enjoy knitting with the Austermann, but for the summer, I like the wool/cotton combo- so I wanted to get some Rowan wool/Cotton in Paris, but it was hugely expensive. When I got home, last Sunday I got some Rowan Wool Cotton DK, Rich (911) from Angel Yarns. it arrived on Thursday! Can you believe it? Anyway, just in time, because I found this little sweater I want to make: Hopeful. I “heard” about it for the first time on Nina’s blog . I really like it, and if it will look as good as hers, I may make one in the bright green, or is it chartreuse? What more, the money you pay for the pattern all goes to charity!
My color is called Rich but it is all raspberry to me. Don’t you agree? It is a pleasure to knit, fun and quick, mindless (some shaping).

And on the socks front- I got motivated by Dave’s circle of socks- and here is my circle of socks… not bad if you consider that in January 06 I only had a pair and a half... I got a way to go, I know, (have you seen the Sock Bug’s circle?!?) but I am on the case!Finally I leave you with this lovely quote from Sigrid (garngamen) who says about buying yarn without a project in mind:
"I'm so in love with them, so yummy. Very inspirational to make something, but here is where I need help. It is one Kilo. Enough to make some length. Cabels? Open front? Hood? Hmm... This yarn needs to MATURE!”

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Back in NYC!

I should be doing paperwork, I should be putting things away, I should fold some fliers for work, I should…………… instead, I am blogging and blog hopping. Well, its 4:30am, still jet legged from the trip to Paris and its still dark out. The Trip to Paris was great. The only yarn I bought is this natural colors alpaca (no dyes). I really love it. So soft. The store wound the skeins for me. I picked nine colors, (they had more) since I want to make another sudoku something, which means nine colors.
The other yarn shops in Paris were not so great, but at Le Bon Marché the selection was very good, but the prices were very high. I really wanted to get some Rowan cotton/wool and Rowan felted tweed, but I knew the prices here in NY and on line, and it did not make sense. It was nice and cool at Le Bon Marché, and my son was sleeping in the stroller, so it was a nice visit to the “hobby shop” department… I visited the new museum in Paris, Musee du Quai Branly, for non-western art, and the newly renovated Musée du Petit Palais.
Both great to visit, AND are cool on very hot summer days…
We went to some markets and I was inspired by all this recycling of cans, bottle caps, etc. all these items are made in third world countries, but the creativity is universal!
Found some lovely "hobby shops" and some fun tea shops and salons.
We took the train to Bretagne (or Brittany ) where is was cold and wet for one and a half days (as it should be in that region…) but we had fun anyway.

The wet weather causes much lovely moss and lichen. It also happens to be artichoke season , and I love artichokes! They had many artichoke fields, which I must confess, I have not seen before; artichokes in the "wild." it was wonderful, and we cooked them when we got back to Paris. Yum!And, while waiting for my brother who was at the supermarket, I ran to a group of shops to find shelter from the rain and found a little hobby shop, full of yarn and ribbons. I was excited at first, but found that 90% of all the yarn was acrylic, or 50% acrylic. Food wise in Bretagne- have great oysters, very special cider; you have to eat the crêpes, and you have to order for lunch the Moules au Safran et a la Moutarde, mussels steamed in white wine, mustard & saffron served with fries. It was further north, and the daylight extended to 10:30pm, maybe even later, and we walked on the beach at low tide- wow!
I made progress on my Meilenweit socks. Its from Knitting Vintage Socks; the: Simple Ribbed socks, with a Dutch heel (I did not care for it much, but it was new to try) and a pointed toe,(which I can see using again). Now, never having knit toes-up, I wonder if it makes sense, since I do love the fact that the rounds get shorter and shorter as you get close to the end! I really enjoy knitting with the cotton wool combo, ( I don't like just cotton, it has no "memory") and that is why I really want the Rowan cotton wool, for a cardigan I have been wanting to make for a few years now. I got it in color "rich."
It was a great trip- and I am happy to be home!!! Unfortunately I had to miss the spin meeting of my knitting group upon my return, but I hope there will be more (hint hint Annie...)
I am ready to cast on for my Lily socks. It appears everybody is LOVING it!

Monday, July 03, 2006


A tiny post today. Its nice to have a brother in Paris, and this is where I am right now. can't upload pix here, but just to say 3 yarn shops today although only one good one- La Drogurie.
9 50g balls of natural alpaca; all different colors. not a dye in the bunch! love it. it was tough to shop, since it is 90°F (32°C) and most shops in Paris have no AC, or even fans; not to mention a sceaming 4 year old, poor thing was too hot to nap ( as was planned....hahaha!) but I did it!
Tommorow museums.