Sunday, May 31, 2009


On Saturday, May 30th this year, one of only two occasions when the Sun sets in exact alignment with the Manhattan grid, fully illuminating every single cross-street for the last fifteen minutes of daylight. The other day is Sunday, July 12th. These two days give you a photogenic view with half the Sun above and half the Sun below the horizon—on the grid. The day after May 30th (Sunday, May 31), and the day before July 12 (Saturday, July 11) will also give you Manhattanhenge moments, but instead you will see the entire ball of the Sun on the horizon—on the grid. Here, looking East. The San Remo on the West Side, and the Carlyle on the East Side, with Central Park in the middle. Manhattan is grand!

The East Side is on Fire!

San Remo

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I have been knitting, honest......

....... but not as obsessively as in the Fall. I have been reading and enjoying photography as well, and guess what, there is no way for me to do it all. (although, some of my cyber friends seem to do it).
This is going to be, when it grows up, a log cabin blanket, with the square color sequences originally determined by a random sequence generator. Its fun. I picked 7 sequences, for my 7 colors of this alpaca. 9 down, another 40 or so to go?
US 3 / 3.25 mm
Sajama Alpaca, 7 colors, un-dyed.