Monday, July 30, 2007

The Tale of the Tweed Tea Cosy

Miter and garter with Rowan Scottish Tweed and Jo Sharp's Silkroad DK Tweed. Love these yarns together. For a tea cosy KAL on Revelry. Naturally I am in the tea group.

sneak peek to the depath

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Recent acquisitions.

OK- so that thing you saw last week, it is a Sidewinder. A sock by Nona. We did a KAL, Sit N Knit NYC. I am glad we did it together. I finished the one sock. It is brilliant construction. I did a 3 needle bindoff for the leg part (garter) and grafted the rest. Look at this under the toe grafting. Cool ha?
However, I did not feel connected to this design. The second sock may take time. I do love the yarn by nickerjack. And Rain, I too had to do some very acrobatic maneuvers to get this shot...

I have not told you everything. Its true. Here are some lovelies
from Astrid: Regia Kaffe Fassett, Trekking Bamboo solids, and a cool needle holder. Astrid also sent me a set of fab DPN us0. How did she know I was thinking of a very intricate glove? Have I been thinking out loud? Thanks, A! It was super fast service. Also found its way to my mail box, a lone skein of Sundara's sock yarn in Stormy. I am working away to finish this cardi, and I ran out of yarn for the collar! Its Knit-Picks yarn, so I hope to have no trouble finding it. I finished the the seaming and I got a new blocking board (thanks for a tip on Ravelry I got it for 50% from, and the shipping was free.) but now I have to wait to get the yarn. I may "have" to buy some extra yarn to get free shipping... And speaking of Ravelry, I am managing my time much better! I have been working on a tea cosy. Joined a summer camp swap. Joined a Mystery Sock KAL, for the fall, and over all having a grand old time meeting more knitters from all over and adding items to my queue... At least it is all in one place!
kaffe_group pronatura_solids. circ case!! sundara_stormy

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Blog? What's a blog?

Some of you may have wondered where I might have been lately. I've been on The Rav. Or Ravelry as it is officially known. And if you are not on yet, and have not yet put your name on the waiting list- than there is still a chance- RUN AWAY! Just kidding, but, Yes my dear, I am here to warn you- The Rav is addicting!! We even started a ravelholics anonymous group! Its an awesome site and when it is open to all members, (its still in beta testing) it will revolutionize the knitting world as we know it. What is it? its a place to track your knitting, your stash, your other pursuits (like spinning) and to conncet to a huge data base of patterns ideas, stash uses, examples of things you could do with your stash, creating a queue for all your future knitting, connect with knitters like you (readers, movies buffs, bakers, NYC folks etc.) But mostly- its a place for the Global Knitting Community to get together! And well- it has taken all my time. I did do a little knitting this week, The Gothic Leaf Stole got one pattern repeat, and I have been adding to my 365 days Freeform knitting project. I got the box for my sockapalooza pal ready to go- just waiting the last touch- Commemorative Sockapalooza 4 Sock Project Bag that Allena is making. They are very cute. Of course I had to get one for me as well... cause they don't have to be just for sockapalooza...
But mostly I have been on The Rav! So now- I MUST get back to my sidewinder. Next week is the grafting party and I am still in Act II. Will I make it? Stay tuned!

Saturday, July 07, 2007


They say it's your birthday
It's my birthday too, yeah
They say it's your birthday We're gonna have a good time I'm glad it's your birthday Happy birthday to ME!

I would not have announced it my birthday had it not been a special day- once in a century. Soooooo- to celebrate this year. I got myself an iPod (doubles also a mother's day gift to myself), and I decided to embark on the 365 self-portraits. If you are wondering about fiber gifts (you were, weren't you?) I can assure you that is also part of the celebration. Some of the gorgeous new yarn from Regia- REGIA KAFFE FASSETT, is on its way to me, + some lovely new trekking pro-natura (bamboo) in solid colors! Another 365 days idea is the 365 free-form knit or crochet something and see what happens. Can I make those two commitments? As if I do not have enough to do.... time will tell. Have fiber filled fun for me today!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Sockapalooza socks are done!

Phew! Got this out of the way. I was worried that with all the fun things I am knitting and adding to my Ravelry queue I will not finish these on time for the first week of August. What worked in my favor is this lovely yarn! I love it! so pleasant to work with, and so much fun- what color will come next? It keeps ya' knitting. I decided not to cut the skeins to make them "match". I hope my pal is ok with that. I think next sock exchange should have this as a question: Do you like/dislike/either way fraternal twins socks. I happen to like it.
Zitron Life Style. 2 skeins. At 155m/50g, they're a touch short on yardage. Perfect in this case since I made a size 5/6 sock, but for my size 7/7.5 I'll need 3 skeins. What I want to make with the other color I have are gloves! Or a hat, double knit with an alpaca inner lining.
Addi US2: 2 on 2 circs. Over 60 stitches. leg part is a K4,P2 rib, to make sure it fits. Foot part- just stockinette. The yarn is so cool, who needs a stitch pattern? Just a basic sock pattern.
sockapalooza pal socks

Monday, July 02, 2007

Lovely Monday!

Yes it is. The first morning of my week of mornings vacation. I am off all mornings this week! ya!
All the S guesses were right! This Super Sock knitter, got a Singer Sewing machine on Saturday! Just in time for my week off, although I did not have time to even open the box. This week, my son is in camp in the mornings... so- I'll have time. Its a week to start and finish and clean up and organize, and spend some time on Ravelry, ( as if I have not...). I have been to the container store to, well, get containers, and bags for my yarn. some of the stuff is so great- travel space bags. Helps in a small apartment for stash you are not going to use this week, or soonish (ahmm...).
Paperwork will be finished today. I am down to one small pile!
Sidewinder, Gothic Leaf Stole, Green Bag #2. I am knitting away at my Sockapalooza socks. its a good thing my pal is not my size. I love this yarn so much, I would have been tempted to keep them. I got some more of this great yarn, so I will make a pair for me as well soon!
It was a perfect Sunday afternoon. Sit N Knit NYC kicked off our July Sidewinder KAL in Central Park. It was a little difficult to count and talk and laugh and chat while trying this all new techinique- but there was always help when you needed it, be it extra yarn for provisional cast on (PCO), crochet hook for PCO, read instruction out load to make sense, and the gorgeous yarns everybody is using! I LOVE our knitting group. We have done so many cool things in the past year! Charity Knitting, Holiday parties, spinning, sock exchange, communal baby blanket, WWKIP day, and we KIP all the time in Central park and public atriums. Sit n Knit and watch movies, and now Sidewinder (the cool socks nona invented) KAL. But the best part is (are) the people! If you are going to visit NYC, come and say hi, we are here!

An now, if you will excuse me- I got some fun to "do"!