Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The last project of 2008, is one more hat! Improvised this one. My son wanted a "cool" hat like skate boarder's hats. Wanted to give him hope for a bright new year. Its going to be on the forefront of his head all winter. He better not lose this one!
Malabrigo worsted merino, less than one skein of the blue and some scraps.
Addi circ US 6 and 7
A note to remember: when doing stranded knitting, its bound to pull the knitting in, and be a lot less stretchy.
Hope Hat

inner hope....

Wishing us all a Happy New Year and Beyond!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Hats of 08

2008 was the year of the hats. it was all I could do later in the year, when the global crisis was taking shape. Some hats I loved so much, I repeated more than once... I gave most of them to "needy" heads. Lots of knitting from my stash. Alpaca stash, Noro stash. Lots of soft Malabrigo, and behold, my own handspun!

There are still a few days left, will I knit any more hats this year??????
Hats of 2008

2007 was the year of the socks.
I wonder what 2009 shall inspire?
Maybe Cowls?
Socks of 2007

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

French emergency situation

Back in May 08, I visited my brother in Paris to deliver Babbette to his baby, and of course I visited La Droguerie and purchased a scarf kit. Its a wonderful kit with delightful yarn but oh NO! I ran out of the bamboo. How can this happen???????? La Droguerie's web site does not sell yarn, so I called my brother and emailed him all the appropriate photos. Lets see how long it takes him to get it.... (the wife is not a helpful option.) I did stress to him that it is AN EMERGENCY!!

Scarf emergencyThe bamboo is ooooooooout!

ETA: As of Christmas day 2008, the yarn has NOT been secured. I am officially launching an international complaint.... If only my SIL was not so "busy." But I said nothing.
Thanks for the offers to help!!!! I will mention it to my brother and SIL. Perhaps that will "shame' her to action? Keep ya' all posted, and Merry Christmas to all!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Gentleman's Fancy Hat

Gentleman's Fancy Hatsurprise! the inside looks great as well!

Malabrigo Yarn Merino Worsted. less than one skein purple and a third for the green.
Addi circs 16" us 6 and us 8
DPN us 8 for top
I used the Gentleman's Fancy socks pattern by Nancy Bush.
2 days hat! Easy!!! You can see detail of the construction here (Ravelry link).
Its warm and soft. Surprise! The inside looks great as well!
In this version, I wanted to finish it so fast, I did not think enough about the decreases, so I am not crazy about the way it looks. (I just did the 5 section thing).
I will knit another version, to test it, since I have been asked to write it as a pattern.
This year seems to be the year of the hats. I have learned a few things about how I like my hats- I like them deep, covering the ears, and I need a double layer over the ears as well! This hat is perfect...

Just in time for today's "in the teens" temperatures!
temperatures in the teens!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Holiday lights

Despite the bad global economy, the "holidays" seem to proceed as "usual". I hope you are getting in the festive mood, and enjoy health, family, friends and lovely stash......