Sunday, May 27, 2007

My Babette's blanket

My friend Barbabra and I had a crochet play date! Barbara teaches at The Point in NYC and all over the country. You can catch her at Stitches East this Fall! I love to knit. Crochet has been used by me to add edging to my knitting. I never really took to it as a full "thing", but when I saw the Babette's blanket I decided it was worth the effort. I got the magazine from Interweave and realized that the stitches look "familiar," but I needed a refresher! Barbara came to my rescue! The pix will tell it all! Here you can see we are looking for the "just right" crochet hook size. the small sq needs to be only 1&3/4" small!
I am ready to start!

Barbara choosing her weaponsstill looking...

The first one!My first small square!!! (2 rounds). So, ok, I need practice...
Barbara left me with very clear explanations and I am on my way. 50 2 round sq, 49 4round sq, 16 6round sq, 7 8round sq, 2 10round sq, 2 12 round sq- but who's counting... Barbara showed me a marvelous way to crochet in the ends when you change colors, which will be a great help!
We had a marvelous time! Barbara made a wonderful project bag for me to store my squares!
and I am on my way...

Friday, May 25, 2007

Sock Hop Yarn

I received the box about an hour ago- and I am just so happy. Admiring the colors and how soft the yarn is. I can't wait to cast on. I think just a simple sock at first, cause the colors are just stunning! But which color to pick first- I don't know!
The world as we know it is a mess, work is problematic, and I am so happy. Am I nuts or just the lucky owner of hand spun, hand dyed merino Sock Hop Yarn from Crown Mountain?
Have you ever seen a more beautiful sight? (barring your children and the Grand Canyon...)

sock hop yarn

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Green and Pink in the Park

Fantastic weather calls for knitting in the park. Stealing moments from work to sit near Pond. Making progress on my Brooke’s Column of Leaves in sea wool color moss. The trouble with lace that it looks sort of crumpled until blocked, and one needs tremendous faith. This was taken this morning, and since the 2 hours of Lost, its somewhat longer. I will knit to the end of the skein. I made this a double column, so it does not knit up very fast. I wonder how much it will stretch. Anyone else knitting with sea wool at the moment?

green and pink in the park

bridge on the pond

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Busy Saturday!

About the addi lace- I do have one already, some of you may recall my bird nest scarf, which I knit with the addi lace 47" us6. I have just been waiting (a long while!) for the size us1 and us2. the us1 (47") is to try and knit magic loop. I really love these needles and have been knitting this lace scarf with the 47" us6 even though its not the proper size...
I have picked the yarn (Austermann's Step in a lovely colorway) for my sockapalooza pal, still not sure about the pattern, but I am on the short list!
Got my pal for KTS, and I am having fun trying different teas for my swap pal. (Its ok. This is not a secret swap.)
And finished the Regia-Bamboo socks for my son (24/lost/CSI). Now I can knit more on my Brooke’s Column of Leaves lace. I am actually enjoying this lace project. I loved the bird nest scarf. I may become a lace knitter... When you "get" the pattern, and have nice needles- it flows!

Thursday, May 17, 2007


I have been tagged by magnusmog and knittingingrid for the 7 random facts, so here they are:
1. I lived in Japan for a year and a half.
2. I lived in London twice.
3. I love chocolate covered pretzels.
4. I love kayaking
5. My allergies got better when I moved to NYC.
6. I once fell off a horse. They put me right back on it and continued with riding for the day, but never again after that.
7. I now need to use reading glasses and I don't like it!

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Thanks for your kind words about my socks for Tomo. I loved making them, they fit and she likes them! I may use this pattern for a hat. could be cute, no?
That is what we'll see any minute now. I love early spring, full of promise and lovely flowers. But soon there after- the green takes over. Too green for me... I had a horrible week. Serious problems with one of my staff, not yet resolved. And 48 hours of no internet at home. (Verizon said: "some problem outside, our technicians are aware of the problem and are working on it") drove me to the curve... Literally... (resolved tonight at 6pm) So here is my token to the green. The lovely sea wool in moss is turning into a Brooke’s Column of Leaves Scarf. I am doing two columns, and I am using my Addi lace size US 6 cause I love them, but I think one needs a smaller size needles or heavier yarn. just can't get them anywhere in the US at the moment (those Addi lace).

leaf scarf in sea wool
So no internet- I decided to archive my swatches. When I have enough they'll become a blanket. each one is 7x7 (inches) for a total of 49 (7x7). I have collected them over the years. Some I made after the item was done.
41 swatches for a blanket

miter koiguFor BAKG knitter quilt.IMG_7672.JPGsweater for Kerenfor Marley's blanket

Finished the Austermann's Step. Volcano made by my son for the classic baking soda/ vinegar trick. This yarn is very pleasant to knit with and soft to wear even before blocking. the specs in the yarn remind me of a climbing wall- I got to find one soon to test the socks.... And started the Regia Bamboo socks for my son ( but no finished pix. not much to show). I like the Regia bamboo yarn. Its very soft. Need some socks for TV knitting...

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Tomo's socks

Sit n Knit NY, my knitting group, hosted a sock exchange we dubbed secret feet. I signed up and received my pal's info. Tomo (bloggless but I have seen her amazing work at meetups) said she liked sky blue, sage, warm yellow, soft yarn, not lacy socks and she kind of wished she had these. I was not sure about the Knitty pattern and I took one look at my sock yarn stash and knew I just simply had nothing there... I was in trouble... I received my copy of Favorite Socks and Ilga's socks by Nancy Bush called Tomo's name. Off I went to LYS looking for soft sock yarn in sage. But in yarn sage is very open ended! What color is sage to you? Koigu seemed the obvious choice but none of the LYS in NYC had the right shade and i did not want to buy on line since I knew I had to see it. At Purl Soho I found this from Nature's Palette, all natural dyed merino, and I had the other Koigu colors at home. I had option 1 and option 2 of color combinations. I went with option 1. To get the gauge I had to knit on size us 0. my first time on such small needles. Remind me not to use 0 again for fair isle. I decided to change the pattern a bit, without the braid at the top, less stitches for the foot and to knit Tomo's name into the sock. I did each fair isle section separately and after that together. I did not like the way the toes knit up according to the pattern, so I frogged it ( a day before the deadline!) and did a classic toe. The hardest thing was knitting for someone by measurements and not by trying it on my foot. I was in suspense until she had them on! They fit!!The sock exchange was awesome. We all ended up with very happy feet. I am waiting for my sock buddies to post group pix so I can post them, but I received the most luxurious pair of Rosa's Socks in the richest red koigu. I looooooooove them! They are awesome Annie!! Thanks.
Rosa's socks in rich red koigu!
ETA: Circle of socks. And go see all the gorgeous socks here!!!