Monday, May 29, 2006

I have been knitting, honest!

Ok, so I have been writing about making lists and just as I think I can close them, a new project comes up and a revision is in order... Like this little number which looks cute and seems easy and just right for summer. It will also be a totally “not me” project, which is good for me, to get the brain cells fired up. Not that there is anything wrong with plain old familiar stuff…
What yarn do you think will be good for this? Katie made it in Sirdar Snuggly 4-ply.
I am making good progress on the basketcase, [in Koigu from stash, I don’t know the color #, its from a few years ago, but I love all the surprise colors in it, with 2 US1 addi circs] (its unblocked yet, of course). Progress is happening despite the many “long-weekend/outdoor kids-inspired activities”, but sleep is not plentiful… I read somewhere that there is a “midnight knitters KAL” but I don’t know how they do it. When I first started the basketcase, I did some pattern repeats at night, (past midnight, mind you) only to find in the morning that it was all over the place. That’ll teach me… I frogged a bunch of repeats. Me, frog! Who would have believed… The basketcase (2 on 2circs) is fun to knit; the pattern keeps you interested but not overwhelms. This is my first time to knit full socks 2 at once on 2 circs (I made some iSocks together before) and it rocks!! The only time I had to separate them was to turn the heel and PU for the gusset. Once the gusset stitches were all in place, I resumed the 2on2 for the decreases. It appears to take longer, but hey, when you are done- you got two!! No more SSS and your socks are really the same!
You people are such a bad influence on me… I even swatched my Trekking yarn (#36) for the Trekk KAL. I think it’ll be a plain stockinet sock. The patterns seem to be lost on this very colorful yarn. It’ll be fun to just- knit….
Today is the day a set for myself to cast on for the VK lace scarf. We’ll see if I make it…
And, I have to work on my Project Knitaway. I abandoned my original plan for this yarn and have to progress with the new plan (the exchange was of "unwanted yarn").
There is not enough time for all we want to do. The days are too short over here!!
Now off to ride the bike and hit the pool with the kid; how long can I keep him inside on a great day like today… As it is, thank god for PBS and thanks to the generous support of viewers like you! (I am a very appreciative member, are you!?!)

Friday, May 26, 2006

Culture, but no time to knit.

Oh, and have you heard the one one about the Bunny KAL? No, I am not kidding you. It has many links to- - - bunny patterns, what else? And NO, this one is cute but not for me....
The lists of projects (short and long) are being revised and finalized! (I am soooo trying) but every time I think its final, a new project comes up! I'll update soon.
It seems like time just flies and not much knitting gets done, or blogging (or sleeping for that matter, and its starting to get to me!). Have family in town, and while its fun, it means that little knitting was done. (it did motivate me to straighten out around here Mary...) In our search for fun and culture we hit some galleries in Chelsea and got inspired. we visited the Point, and I bought NOTHING. Its true, (not that I did not want to, but with all the stuff coming my way via the internet, its not cost effective) although we did have tea there. (its also a cafe)
Here are some highlights. The baskets are made in Panama, by the locals. In NYC, they sell for hunderds of dollars. Do you wonder, like me, how much they pay the local women in Panama?

Some people have been knitting: Just thought if you need a weekend pick-me-upper, check out the Flower Fairies
The Trekking KAL is coming up, plus a new (still hush hush)speical sock KAL. I'll post some more stuff (I am knitting, I promise) tomorrow.

Saturday, May 20, 2006


Last year I gave my nephew an iPod mini for his birthday. Apparently, he has only disconnected from it to take a shower… he also got the Apple iSock, which he promptly “misplaced” very shortly thereafter. On his recent visit here two weeks ago, he wanted to buy himself a new iSock, but they only come in sets of 6. So he continued to get his iPod scratched, to my dismay… over the weekend it occurred to me, while I was rearranging my sock yarn (I love doing that!) and I found all these.
What to do with all that leftover sock yarn- cause you know you got some!
iSocks!!! I know its not such an original idea(...) but next Xmas, everybody on my list with an ipod (just about everybody…) is getting an iSock. So I whipped up my newly purchased 2 24” US1 needles, which I got at my LYS (I love having a LYS 3 blocks from my house…) for knitting two socks at once. (that was the problem I had with socks. I don’t like to knit the same exact thing twice, which is why some of my favorites always come in some kind of variation.) and cast on for the two at once iSocks. I figured it would be good practice for real socks.
Barbara showed me how to do it.
Here is what I did:
With the US1, Regia sock yarn, I cast on 50, a little rib and I used a K3, P1 rib, but the possibilities are endless. I did a 3 needle bind off for the Regia. I also made one with a flap from leftover Elann yarn from the reversible hat I made for my son. I did a Kitchener stitch for closing this one. Aren’t they cute? They can be used for all your gadgets.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

It’s been busy here in NYC

It’s been busy here in NYC, and with the weather more or less like this for a good few days now, one gets stuff done! Due to some major schedule changes at work last week, (not good for the bank account, but…) I got lots of paperwork done (hooray till the next batch). What I have not made is a firm short list and long list, yet. I keep finding more things I want to make.

I had a play/knit date with Barbara, and we had great fun. I meant to cast on for the Mermaid, with Barbara holding my hand… but did not get to it. Barbara is doing a lot of crochet.

I finished my bubble wrap socks. I made the second sock a bit narrower on top, and it is interesting how 6 stitches can change the color repeats. (or the skeins varied a lot. I love the way they came out, and now I know, Koigu=64 stitches with US1.

In the "how much damage can you do in a rainy weekend" department I excelled!
I joined Sundara’s petal collection (every month for 6 month you get 2 skeins for socks inspired by the flower of the month- right up my ally…)
The Trekking XXL KAL (knit with Trekking on a hike) here are the Trekking troops who will join me... The first one to be knit will be the deep red.

I submitted to Whiplash, the theme was yarn, I chose metalic yarn
And Mary lead me to this:
the yarnographers forum a place for yarn pr0n fans to share their shots of yummy yarns and fabulous fibers.
I found this little handy guide: Knitters', Crocheters', Weavers', & Spinners' Travel Guide 2006 (Paperback)
and this little lady who is knitting herself.
Now quick, back to my knitting!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Life got in the way of knitting

Thanks everybody for your kind and encouraging words! I Love comments, don’t you??
Life got in the way of knitting and blogging, too much to do in a short day, but I have been knitting along. I am in shock because I frogged half my sock. You guys are a bad influence on me… I don’t frog, I improvise… I had knit the sock to the toe decrease and realized that I will not want the patterned part in my shoe, it was too bulky, and made the foot part too wide. So I froggerd back to the gusset pu and decreased a few stitches. And yes, its pooling a bit at the top, that’s cause I ran out of yarn from this skein, and had to use a bit of leftover from another color (even if a close match). And no, I am not frogging it again. (I am totally humbled by Diana who swatches her projects extensively) I have started the second sock and it is going very fast. (next pair I will attempt 2 socks at once on only 2 circs). I can watch a movie with it now... I LOVE the way the heel turned out, with the staggering slipstitch heel flap. Like a field of flowers. they are also very comfy.I am already thinking next project. Mary thinks I should do this Lace/sock, since I have been threatening to make a lacy project. I have downloaded it a few weeks ago Mary, and it is on the long list. They are very cute, and can you see the theme- socks as the flowers of the field... but I am not sure this will be The one. I ‘d like to make Diana’s lacy socks if I do a lacy sock. I collect patterns, don't you...???
I received the chart from Amy for the mermaid, and also realized that it will be knit on size us2 needles, and one casts on like 500 stitches!
And speaking of flowers, the colors of the tulips are wild this year and this little patch reminded me of this little pillow I made a few years ago in Koigu, using triangle pick-ups. It was going to be a girl's cardi. The pattern was very tedious, and it ended up as a pillow...

Just to amuse myself I followed the hat instructions that came in the mermaid kit, using leftover Noro. I call it the nipple. Washing and drying it over as bowl (as directed) resulted in over stretching. it will be perfect for some bigheaded people...
So, I've been busy... but not too busy to stumble upon this lovely (LOVELY!!) Clapotis knit by Jane in what appears to be wonderfully soft, hand-painted cashmere. did I need to see this? ahhhhhhh. A must see (please be sure to sit, and have a napkin to collect your drool when you visit the website, and be sure to scroll through ALL the gorgeous colorways) Thanks for the tip Jane! One of those should be the yarn for my Clapotis, don't you think?

Sunday, May 07, 2006

More knitting, less blog hopping.

There is only so much time to go around, so have to make tough choices… today was too gorgeous in NYC to be inside, but I did get 45 minutes of pure knitting while my son was in swim class. We also went to the river, at Mary’s suggestion (I am so glad the folks in Texas keep us posted…Thanks Mary!) to check out the new installation called "Puzzlejuice" by Orly Genger. A giant crochet project draped on the rocks, made of nylon rope. It is softer than it looks, its heavy and the kids just LOVE to jump on it. It will be there most of the summer. Why she calls it Puzzlejuice is a puzzle to me. Anyone?

It is part of 7 or 8 installations, called Studio in the Park in various parts of the Riverside Park complex.

So here is the Bubble Warp. It is a pattern that makes you pay attention a little more, I can’t watch a movie with it, but its fun. Bubble wrap is knit with Koigu from a few years ago. I do not have the color and lot info band anymore, sorry. I love the jewel tones- like precious stones. I tired to take dramatic shots of it, to match Puzzlejuice... The Sopranos are next……….I can knit to that......

Friday, May 05, 2006

Stress Reduction

Knitting is supposed to calm us, and relax us and make us FEEL GOOD! But I read so many knitters out there who are stressed out by the amount of knitting to be done and the yarn to be purchased! we have to balance it.
I hear ya’ people, and I am also super inspired myself, but I sill find it fun and stimulating. So much so, that I am on a roll. Socks everywhere, mermaid in the wings and pillows all over, lace (there, I said it)and much much more coming soon, but I have to make a list- a short list and a long list… My problems are time (life gets in the way of knitting...) and budget ('nogh said...)
Socks for May- bubble wrap, n Koigu from stash.
Socks for June- Dave’s Basketcase maybe in another Koigu from stash, (see also here) or Gentleman’s Fancy socks from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush, which I just received today! Fantastic book, with all the different heels, toes, the in-between, etc. It is hard to decide what socks to make, I relate to yarn bug about getting books and downloading patterns. You think I have enough materials?....... so much to choose from.
So, sock of the month club is on!! Mary called it SOTMCWR, but I have no idea how to set the multi users blog, and Annie said- there is one in cyber space already. so check it out. The site also has a great selection of socks patterns. It will be nice to have our own SOTMCWR (sock of the month club without rules)- but need someone to set and admin it.
But socks or no socks, please visit Mary for a virtual hug (big storm) and DancesWithWool for some inspiration, how the bumps, (purl) difficult as they are, really enhances the smooth ride, stockinet, and much more..

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sock of the Month Club Without Rules, and more.

So the “Sock of the Month Club Without Rules” is on. Annie, Alice, Mary and I, are already in. How about you? Since many of us seem to have been bitten/ infected by the highly addictive sock-bug, we are looking for ways to regulate the habit! So the no rules are- whatever other WIP you got going, we are ok with it. Try to limit your sock knitting to one pair a month. Here is the fun part- you can do any sock you want, with any one or combo of yarns, from stash, or buy new yarn for it, or from stash, but buy one to replace it, or, your sister in law gave it to you to make for your niece- everything goes baby!!! The trouble is- too many sock pattern choices, right? I am almost ready to “declare” my May socks. The runners up are the bubble wrap socks from the sock bug (just checkout her circle of 75 pairs of socks in all the rainbow colors!) or Dave’s basketcase. Both pairs will look nice in Koigu, don’t you think? But I also have a lovely Lorna’s lace, (soft, ever so soft!) which I am itching to try.
I have finished two pairs last month, but only knit 3 socks. I have started the one pair 3 years ago, and did the second sock last month…
In case you are looking for the perfect pattern, here, and here are free sock patterns. also some places for technique- 2 Socks on 2 Circulars, toe-up, and short row heels. (thank you Franklyn for the short row heel tip)
I also finished the reversible hat and than I had two days without any “real” knitting- oh no!! I have been playing a bit with my idea to make patchwork socks (I love patchwork which some people call modular knitting or mitered squares.) and looked at the mermaid, who is waiting some pattern clarification from Amy.

The New York Project Knitaway was a great success. You can see the photo album here, and my piece here. The next meeting is about receiving a skein of yarn from the person sitting next to you, yarn that they don’t like- and you have to make something with it, as a solo or in combo with others. This is what I got- I can definitely work with this!
I forgot to take a photo of what I gave Annie; I’ll have to ask her to post it.

I have also started on Monday May 1st my Everyday Project. I will take a picture of this pond everyday on my way to work. Yes, I am one of the lucky people who can walk to work, through the lovely Central Park.