Friday, March 30, 2007

ECF #2

Sorry if this causes problems... I had to post this... 0 calories for me- my son had it!

need I say more?

can't stop!

And I just wanted to add to my review of the new Addi lace needles- there is a serious problem, which I am not sure has been reported before- your hands will not want to stop knitting! Here I am, walking and knitting, can't stop since I got them. I am also trying to finish the lace item before the end of the month for PS2, and when I do, I'll fully disclose!

ECF- Spring has Sprung!

delicate spring announcers

like swan wings

friendly yellow

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

brooklyn handspun!

Need I say more?

finally got some brooklyn handspun!

Since some of you asked: Brooklyn Handspun whenever I went to look at the site- they were sold out. Finally- I was able to rescue 2. After all, I should have yarn from Brooklyn!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Lace Happy

My new Addi lace needles, here us6 47" from Little Knits. They are not so easy to get. I hope LYS will hurry up and order them please! I just got them last night, and it had put a spring in my stitch! Why do I love them? Smooth, light, the tip is sharp. the join is very smooth, and they glide in my hands. It makes such a difference, for me, who is new to lace!
Lace happy

Lace happy close up

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Yes Virginia, there is spring out there!

Wanted to say I am not complaining of all the ways we stay connected. I am pleased there are so many ways, and I am very happy to have found all of you, and happy to stay connected. As a matter of fact- its great to see what my friends are doing all over the world. I love it.

Some of you doubt the spring, but here is some proof:
1. The obligatory crocus shot. Notice- mud, not snow on the ground!
yes Virginia, there is spring out there!
2. I left the house without a hat, with only my little seasilk scarf. (well, ok, I also had my trekking pro-natura socks on, but they are for spring!) The seasilk, by the way, is perfect for early spring, and I am glad I made it short.
scarf, but no hat!

matching socks and scarf...
Just wanted to write a note about my reference to friends being non supportive. It has nothing to do with my fiber life. They think its kind of "cute." Its got to do with other issues, and it is disappointing to experience it. Sometimes we have to face change. I keep knitting, for balance

How we stay connected

Come home and get the mail from the mail box. Check my phone messages. charge the cell phone. check email. check my blog. check my flicker account. charge the palm. read my blogRSS feed. comments. I love comments. Don't you? 2-3 hours later (!)- emerge a little dazed, to find the kid eating cookies instead of dinner. he can reach up to the top shelf? since when? note to self: must move the snacks to a higher shelf! what to do tonight? finalize pattern for sit n knit secret feet. finalize pattern for ISE4. I think I have enough yarn for both (...) and I leave you with a picture of the cutest skein you ever saw. my very own hand spun. (try #2)

The cutes skein you ever saw!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thank You!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you everybody for your warm wishes and congrats. It is such a great feeling! It filled my heart with joy. no kidding! I especially appreciate this at this particular time for me when I find some of my old friends less than supportive. One has to look at change straight in the eye, but sometimes we try not to. So thanks for being there my friends!
To keep myself afloat I have been busy knitting, reading and a little spinning. I am soaking my second batch of handspun right now. I believe I got the yarn correctly on the niddy noddy this time, thanks in part to the link Adrian left for me, and this wonderful book I got: Spinning in the Old Way: How (and Why) To Make Your Own Yarn With A High-Whorl Handspindle. It gives really good explanations and some good techniques. I feel I have learnt much from just reading it- now I have to practice. So I did tonight, and I got some more spinning fiber from hello yarn, and some from Yarn Tree.
I received the yarn for my secret feet exchange. I also got the book Favorite Socks: 25 Timeless Designs from Interweave. ETA: I love the new sock book. There are some socks a fell in love with right away. Some socks I like that are not new, but are timeless, and some that will be great if I will be willing to cross my comfort zone. I am glad I have enough sock yarn in the stash...
Also received my scarf receiver for the ISE4! Soon- project Spectrum will switch to Green/Yellow/Pink in April. I am SO ready for colors! So ready for spring, for change.
Here are the new neck warmers; just in time for spring!
City Scap with glass buttons

my first hand spun- neck hug

my first hand spun- neck hug- front
I just wanted to say again- thanks guys!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

One year blogiversary!

Tomorrow will be my one year blogiversay! I find it amazing that:
  1. I have been blogging for a year. Wow.
  2. That I had a life before the blog...
  3. How many patterns I have downloaded as a result of my blog hopping.
  4. How many wonderful places to buy yarn I have been finding online.
  5. How great it is to "meet" the global knitting community. Who knew?
So, to celebrate all of you my wonderful global knitting community, I had no choice but to buy this, soon to be a collector item, Sweet Georgia in Rain Forest .

Rain Forest detail

Friday, March 16, 2007

ECF- my first hand spun "thing"

Thanks everybody for your comments and encouragement! I am feeling a bit self-conscious knowing that a master spinner (Adrian of Hello yarn ) has visited, but I am grateful for the support! Adrian made the gorgeous roving I used to spin this. She directed me in the right direction of how the yarn should be on the niddy noddy- Thanks Adrian, I appreciate the guidance! It really helps to have a visual direction. I am going to try a new spin tonight. I also see how uneven the is twist in the my yarn- practice will make better, if not perfect! But I have lots of questions, and I am going to seek some answers- in the form of a teacher.
I was so eager to knit something from my yarn. Here is-my neck warmer. I used up my first hand spun yarn exactly. How cool is that? I had no plan. Cast on, went on. After a few rows I realized this needed structure, so I added some garter ridges. I finished with garter for a few rows. It did not look “finished”, so I PU along the long edge and knit in stockinette for a few rows on one side and a row of single crochet on the other side. I have to add the buttons. These are from stash- (can you believe it?) but I am not sure about the. I think this is a trip to Tender Button. When worn, the extra rows across will be turned down and show the WS. It’s pretty on both sides.
neck warmer detail

neck warmer

Thursday, March 15, 2007

No wonder I don't get enough sleep

Lets not even count life in general, but between knitting, reading, reading knitting books and patterns, blog, blog hopping, flicker, and now- spinning- when is there time to sleep?
Blue socks are done! At least one Project Spectrum project is done in time. Trekking ProNatura (25% bamboo, 75%wool) Gentleman's Socks from Nancy Bush's book Vintage Socks. I adjusted for a woman's foot and I knit the foot in plain stockinette because I like the way the yarn unfolds without the pattern stitch. I also made a pointed toe, just for the hell of it. Trekking ProNatura is a wonderful yarn to work with and to wear.
Blue socks!

I got a little (as in tiny!) niddy noddy (well, what did I know?) and I thought I was following the directions from the online video, but- well- maybe not... So I wound it into a cake. I hope to have time later tonight to knit it. OK, OK, stop laughing. I happen to be very proud of myself... in short, I need some lessons. I just love the colors here. I call it Tiger Eye, (Tiger eye - offers courage, energy, and luck) like the gem stone.
Tiger Eye yarn

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Ya'!!!!!! I did it. My knitting group sit N knit had a spin-in and I had to try it. It was one of my resolutions for 2007! ( I will learn how to spin.) one of a few. I am not doing well on the I will get more sleep. Proof- here I am posting- I should be sleeping. But anyhoo- we did it. Chante was our fierce leader for the meeting helped by Sybil. They showed us how to do it- and said- just do it! Tomo (blogless) made really cute spindles, but I already had my spindle and roving from Hello yarn! as you recall. The spindle is gorgeous and the roving is lovely and fab colors. I call it: Tiger eye - (offers courage, energy, and luck). It was fun- if physically challenging. The next day my shoulder on one side and wrist on the other were sore!. Still- practice makes perfect. But that is not all- I can see were this is leading. Now it turns out I need a niddy noddy, and more roving (NO! I am not buying a sheep!) and all this leads to the fact that a wheel appears to be more fun and relaxing and meditative. I am very proud of my efforts and will have to keep practicing!!
My first spinning lesson

Tiger eye Yarn
No, I did not knit the sweater; it is store bought, a good few years ago. The dogs are not mine. And- spring is here in NYC- warm and sunny. Thanks all for your warm words, they are a great comfort. I have been knitting on my project spectrum projects. Almost done with the socks. The lace progress is zero. I have not had the state of mind for it. but the cardi is coming along. I have so many ideas for new stuff, and two projects from my knitting groups (yarn for secret feet has been ordered!) and I am working on my project knitaway theme- Landscape. And will be in my mail box the end of this week: Favorite Socks! Just in time for our sit N knit secret feet.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

On buying yarn

I signed up for a socks exchange with my knitting group and I am totally nervous. So out goes the sock yarn stash to see if I have what it takes. My secret sock likes certain colors, but I have a feeling there is nothing in my stash that will work, despite the fact that I have every color in the rainbow and than some. I'll have to shop for sock yarn!! Hooray! But- once i find the yarn and the pattern I will not be able to show it until the final exchange at the end of April. Sorry............And I also have Foolish from Hello yarn. What can I say? I also got my first ever spindle and some fiber to try and spin. Next week my knitting group will have a sit N’ spin- I am going to take the plunge, with eyes wide open to the consequences. I am SOOOOOOOOO excited.
I also signed up for the International Scarf Exchange 4. I enjoyed last time; looking forward to this round!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

What about the knitting around here?

As you may have noticed, I have distracted you with some lovely photos but very little knitting content. Its true, I had very little time to knit, and I spent way too much time reading blogs, checking out flicker and general distracting modes. Its time to find some of the elusive balance again. I think I need to put myself on a schedule. There is little progress on the socks and pin stripe, but none on the lace shawl. The lace demands my attention- I had none to give last week. Its a bit of a funk, I know. So I will leave you with an old favorite I took out for the spring like weather we had for a minute here in NYC. Latifa - Knitty. Yes, 03! Details here, and here.

Latifa on

Thursday, March 01, 2007

ECF-Ready for spring

ready for spring
EDA: AMNH butterfly exhibit. Yes folks, its real. Isn't it cool how it camouflages itself?