Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lace Shawl #18

Lace Shawl #18 by Meg Swansen

I started this in 2006, but it got too messy because I could not "get" the pattern. lace…. 
But now, I was ready to try it again. 
I don’t really like lace, too much “thinking” and not good for TV watching, but I got to try again. 
Notes to self: 
do not knit lace at night! do not drink and lace, don't carry an important conversation while attempting lace.
After a few attempts again this year, I finally understood where I went wrong- it has to do with the last repeat of each section in the RS rows. the first one is correct, but 3,5,7 should say- * -* to X stitches before end of row, and now do the last repeat differently. 
it drove me crazy!!!
5/22-DONE! after washing and blocking, this is softer, but still not fluffy like alpaca. I think it will be nice and warm in fall and winter. 
US 9 - 5.5 mm