Sunday, January 18, 2009

Magic Ball leg warmers

When my friend Elena was visiting over the holidays, I gave her my striped leg warmers to keep. (She was cold.) That meant I needed to knit another pair. (Ya'!) In came lots of scraps I had all over the knitting baskets area, which I have been saving for the past lots of years. You got some Noro, some Malabrigo, some of my own hand-spun, some unknown variegated from long ago, and some Cascade 220 leftovers. Generally, worsted weight. I made the 2 magic balls by diving each scraps into 2, by using my scale. It was a good way to do this, with the exception of my hand-spun, when some of the same weight proved to be very different yardage. Oh well, its just magic ball. CO 54 stitches per leg warmer, on 2 Addi US 6 circs, (on 6 cause I wanted it more dense) K1P1 rib, and went for it. Fun and warm. Used it today during the brief snow we had. it will be great to block the up-your-leg draft when I ride my bike.
magic ball leg warmers in action

Saturday, January 03, 2009

A cowl a day keeps the wind away.....

Well, maybe not one a day, but started the year right with Thermis (Ravelry link). Wonderful, easy pattern. The yarn, Tosh Worsted, is lovely to work with, but it is really a DK, so it is a bit more slouchy, but hey, its a cowl! Knit with Addi, US 6. Used only 72gr. This pattern lends itself for a hat, which seems to be wanting to pop on the needles with some malabrigo, from stash!
thermisthermis buttons

And speaking of Malabrigo, Knitty City had a 3 year anniversary today, and here is the cake! Many more to come we hope!
Happy Anniversary Knitty City