Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Priceless (confessions of a yarn groupie)

Kaffe Fassett's Pattern Library= $35 at Knitty City.
2 skeins of Regia Kaffe Fassett Landscape Twilight= $18

Meeting your knitting guru in person, wearing a sweater you knit from his first book, surprising him with a glove knit with his sock yarn, and having him sign your copy of his book=

Thanks Erin (Minty) for the awesome pics!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Need say more?

Finally, some chill in the air! And rain.
Tea, knitting, new knitting magazine, my new knit cardi, my new knit socks.
Listening to "I Am America and so can you" on my ipod.
And today, Eunny at Knitty City.
I knew there was a reason (or two...) I was looking forward to Fall!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

My "not in Rhinebeck" day!

I was determined to have a fiber filled day to compensate myself for not being able to go to Rhinebeck. I had 4 hours and some spending money. ( I was suppose to go to Rhinebeck.....)
So I started this perfect fall day (minus the tree colors, but hey, can't have it all right?) at Knitty City, on West 79 street. I spent 45 minutes there chatting to the owner Pearl and squeezing yarn. I came out with Kaffe Fasset's Regia sock yarn in the stripes version, for some gloves. Yes, its true I just finished a pair of socks with this yarn. I love it so much I want it as gloves! I proceeded to Beard Papa, a cream puff place on Broadway and 76 street. Why? well, I was going to miss the lamb chili, so there! These are divine! (as well as equal to my calorie allocation for the rest of the day...). I found some pumpkins on the way. Just like in the country side (...) but less mud... Hopped on the subway (the number 1 train downtown) and came out on West Houston street right outside my old hangout- Sounds of Brazil (S.O.B). Ahhhhh! those were the days... I walked East on Houston street and turned right on Sullivan street, over to Purl fabric and Purl Soho. I wanted to get some fabric for recovering some chairs, but forgot to take measurements of the seats. They DO have some lovely fabrics! On to Purl Soho the yarn store. It was packed!! I spent a lovely time there chit chatting to fellow patrons and getting some color suggestions. So I missed the blogger meet-up at Rhinebeck, but I got to fiber-socialize right here in NYC! They have a magnificent selection of Koigu! I was looking for some to make socks using a snow flake pattern from the new IK holidays. (Its a great issue!) While I was at it, a few other skeins of Koigu requested permission to accompany me home, and being polite and on account of me not going to Rhinebeck (have I said it enough times now??) I obliged them. lovely, rich, fall colors. If we can't have Fall colors on the trees- we'll have it in yarn! Now its time to sit and sip some warm or cold beverages and munch on some grab, and check out the yarn. What better than Once Upon a Tart, just 2 doors down? (they do have sandwiches and savory tarts). You could also lunch at pepe rosso a bit north of them. tiny tiny place. great pasta. So now, refreshed and still eager for fiber, I headed to The Point, hoping to surprise my friend Barbara who sometimes works there. North on Sullivan, left on Bleecker. While there, you must sit for a spell at Cafe Figaro and people-watch while having a cappuccino. Its a village tradition! If that is not your thing, and you prefer a cozy tea house, walk one block north, on Mc Dugal to Third street, and head to Tea Spot. Lovely.
I did not do Tea Spot today, but rather continued on Bleecker, crossed 6 Ave, turned left on Carmine to find myself on Bedford Street, and at The Point. Barbara was not there, and the woman who wanted to help me was missing Barbara's sense of color and her enthusiasm. I bought some alpaca (a fiber fun day HAS to include alpaca) for the Boot Tops from the same IK Holiday issue, but did not sit at the cafe. There was no point (no pun intended...). I was very full (hahaha) and Barbara was not there. I headed back to the subway, but not before I sat a bit in the sun and admired my yarn while looking at the world go by at a near by newly restored urban park. It was a lovely day! You could say, 3 LYS in 3 hours, but I'd give it the extra hour or two to sit and enjoy a bite, or beverage or both, and just relax! Home again ready to "cake" the yarn. What to start first? Now that I finished the socks.

Not going to be a Square.

Not this year. Not going to play Rhinebeck Bingo. Due to a variety of circumstances, I will not be in Rhinebeck this year. Tears are flowing. I will not get to meet cyber fiber friends face to face. Oh , I was SOOOOOOOO looking forward to this, big sigh, but life gets in the way of fiber fun sometimes, and no use dwelling on it. I shall have some fiber fun here in NYC! I'll report on it tomorrow.
If you are not going to Rhinebeck, how will you spend today to create fiber fun???