Saturday, March 29, 2008


Spring is in the (chilly) air. I had a spring awakening; I am no spring chicken! With it come spring cleaning (and much needed reorganizing and regrouping) and a spring break from stuff. I'll be back soon. Happy crafting. What's your spring story?

like swan wings

Monday, March 17, 2008

Its crochet time

I'm a knitter who crochets. But this week I have gone all out crochet. Between the coral reef project and my Babette Blanket. My brother and his wife had a baby girl last week, and the Babette Blanket I have been working on is for this little baby. So I have to get going..... Last night I did a count down and found I am at the stage I have to make the little squares. 20 of the 2 rounds and 26 of the 4 rounds. Those are the more fiddly ones. I have all the 12,10,8, and 6 rounds. And once I have all of them, I need to join. I also will block them before I join, learning from Soo, (Things Soo Likes) who washed hers after joining. It was a tough experience. She made a larger size blanket, but still... Ok, if you'll excuse me, I got to get those squares going!


hyperbolic crochet coral

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Under the weather, but fighting it.....

Still under the weather, and its a very damp and rainy day in NYC. Actually, it was rather pleasant to sit for an hour and just knit a few rows on my Trekking socks. But not much more happened here knit wise. I did finish my malabrigo gloves. So now I have a set. Hat, neck warmer and gloves. All very soft and warm! Lovely yarn malabrigo.
malabrigo set

Today I went to my LYS, Knitty City, to participate in the Coral Reef Project. a crochet event no less, but hey, ok. Anything to lift the dampened spirits. Each one of us made a coral piece. Some are very cool. I made the little green one, (I only had one hour) but I learned how to make the big one, and I just might embark on this. It is an almost mindless project that is well suited for TV watching. Fun and creative. The exhibit, which will appear in the NYU university’s Broadway Windows at East 10th Street and at the World Financial Center will be in NYC from April 5 through May 18.

Sunday, March 02, 2008


I have been honored with the "You Make MY Day Award" by several wonderful cyber friends. The truth is, there is no way I can pick just a few bloggers/knitters who make my day.
The whole knitting blogs community gets this:

In other news, there have been some wonderful knitting things going on. Read about them here. But more recently, I have been under the weather a bit. Its been busy and chaotic at work, with several other life stresses. No need to elaborate, but lets just say all I can master at this point is some mindless knitting with a trusted yarn and pattern.