Thursday, February 08, 2007

ABC- all about me...

Ingrid has tagged me- and the challenge is to use all the letters of the alphabet to describe yourself. (except x, y and z ). I did not tag anybody, but feel free to jump in.
Ahhmm- here we go:
B -Busy, all the time. Too busy.
C -chilled. I am always cold. Need to knit more…
D- doubter.
E -Eccentric.
F-Furious at many world events. Can’t stand to watch the news. I’ll skim a bit on the internet.
G- global. I have lived in 4 continents and visited a fifth.
H- Homebody
I- Impatient
J- Jealous. Jealous of people who seem to have leisure time all the time.
K- Knitting addict
L- Loyal
M- Motherhood. Changed my life.
N- nurturing.
O - Organized.
P- Procrastinator. Ya’p.
Q- Quick thinker. Ya’p. They are not contradictions.
R- Reader. I wish I could do both at once. I tried reading while knitting mindless stuff. Nah! And books on tape are cool, but not the same as reading.
S- Sleep deprived. I should go to bed right now, instead of writing this…
T- Tough
U- up-front. Too much for some people’s taste…
V- Vulnerable. Can live side by side with tough without a problem. Ya’p.
W- Worrier. I worry too much.
X, Y, Z are exempt.
Phew. That was tough.


Hilde C. said...

And so we got to know you a little bit more. That's nice :-)

Anonymous said...

you see to have listed many contradicting qualities, like global/homebody or procrastinator/quick thinker