Monday, February 26, 2007

Cheerful in the Snow

happy in the snow
Because I see the signs of spring!
( I know I am stretching it, but a girl can hope, no?)
spring is near!
Hat and fingerless mitts made in Nepal by one of our anonymous underpaid relatives.
Hat-$10, mitts-$10; both lined with fleece.
How do they do that?


Mary, Mary... said...

LOL! I'm wearing a lovely beige knit tunic--DKNY on sale from a few years back. It IS spring here--80 degrees and no end in sight. Love those colors, lined with fleece--great idea!

Lori said...

A girl can hope... looks like it is heading your way though. I love the bright colors. I knit a hat for Thing One and lined it with fleece last year. It was her warmest, favorite hat (until it was left on the schoolbus and claimed by another kid.)
How far would $10 US go in Nepal, I wonder?

gail said...

Your hat and mitts are wonderful--as is the snow!! After a January of no snow we have been enjoying the snow of late. We are finally getting our winter's worth. We built a snowman this weekend, but he collapsed before the end of the day. Poor workmanship, I fear.

Anonymous said...

That is the cutest picture of you!

Hilde C. said...

I like the hat and the fingerless mitts - beautiful colours. It a shame they're so underpaid :-)

Rain said...

Looks like there's a thaw on the way. It's definitely spring over here and feels far too early for it.

That hat looks great on you. I think it's worse when you knit yourself and realise just how much work goes into something and how much people are exploited at the other end. It's sad really.

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful - great you have something so warm - we don't have much call for that here, tho it's a bit chilly today (50s?)

Nana Sadie said...

LOVE the hat and mitts! I do not know how they do that...
Signs of spring...hmmm...I have a photo to shoot when I get home - I'll post it this weekend! You'll LOVE it!