Monday, March 20, 2006

What’s a sudoku within a sudoku puzzle pillow, and why?

Sudoku progress report:
36 down, only 45 to go!
It goes so fast, and yet not fast enough. I had a bit of a panic yesterday. I misplaced the two puzzles and could not find them for a few hours. I wish I could remember at times like that, that I am neat, and therefore, things are (usually) where they should be! And that is where it was! I should trust myself more…………. Ok, so some people wanted to know what’s a sudoku within a sudoku puzzle pillow. My brother who lives in Paris, told me about sudoku puzzles about 2 years ago, but I did not get into it at the time. I kept thinking I’ll try one for real- "soon". well, little did I know that once you start, you can't stop, kind of like knitting.........
So, you first have to solve 2 sudoku puzzles. You can get them at Websudoko they are free. You get 1 skein each of 9 different colors (I got mine at knitpicks $1.79 a skein!) be sure to pick colors that will work with all the colors, cause you have no say at the placement!!!

You assign each number a color. Start knitting. I am making mine with the mitered square technique. Just to make it more fun, I am doing a puzzle with in a puzzle, but same colors. You can use other techniques. The great thing is, you knit each little square out of the one before, so there is no sewing!! It is great to see the random color placements. Next I want to try one with all different kinds of yarn. You know, eye lash, boucle, tape etc.

I got some visitors today! Wow, it is so exciting. I guess I should tell people about my blog, but I am just getting the hang of it, so I want to get a bit better.

Oh, also, my friend in CA wanted to know when I have time to blog, so it turns out that I had about 15-20 minutes of time per day, I was just wasting...................... (not even day dreaming, which is a very good tool) ;-0


Annie said...

I love the idea of sudoku and may have to experiment with that. Use a colorwheel to pick your colors and you just can't go wrong. Hooray!

HPNY Knits said...

it can also be done with stitch patterns!