Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Selma, its time to go to knitters anonymous!

That was the caption of an old New Yorker cartoon, where the woman of the house was walking around knitting in a house where everything was knit. Sofa, cat, lamp shade (that gave you and idea, ha? Ha?) etc etc.

Sudoku progress report:
45 down, only 36 to go!

I have been thinking about the NY project. I have to decide on a single idea. It’s hard to do.

Does a knitter have to be obsessive? Are some knitters- binge knitters where as some are full fledge knitting addicts? Can a knitter knit responsibly without neglecting the rest of her/his life?
Well, you guessed it. I still have not done a thing about the paperwork pile, but I am making progress with the Sudoku project, and busy with ideas for others. I try to have only one project at a time, but lately that is not working for me. I really love the knitting groups, I find them very inspiring.
I love the whole global knitting community idea. It brings people together in a way never possible before. All thanks to the internet. How else can you see a German, Canadian, American etc. knitting friends all in the same day, (well,in the same few minutes more like it!!) and what they are knitting? I think it is so fantastic.

So spread the blog word, visit often, and write!


Mary, Mary... said...

I'll take a crack at the Sunday NYTimes crossword, but have avoided Sudoku for fear of getting sucked in completely. Tons of people were beavering away on their puzzles on the flights to and from Tokyo. As for Sudoku knitting--now that's living on the edge! Thanks for the link!

Mary, Mary... said...

P.S. I love the colors.