Friday, March 31, 2006

Stash News

Good news and bad news! Good news: I found a bunch of sock yarn I really forgot I had. In the group was the yarn for the lonely only here. Bad news? Where is the pattern? I think I’ll have to frog it. Good news- I have more Noro than I thought! I found lots of Kureyon odds and ends from other projects that could make a small blanket, or sweater.
Bad news, I did not make the inventory. It was just too overwhelming! But I did organize them and they are more ready for inventory now. When I swifter into balls now a days, I leave a few labels, but I did not in the past, so there is lots of stuff unlabled. ☹. I did stay up very late doing all that, and pulled out the skeins that need to be wound up, but I also did some serious blog hopping last night, and today I have yarn hangover. It was just amazing to visit the different stash out there, and I only touched the tip of the stashburg… so go blog/stash hopping, its lots of fun!
Here are some things I found last night I wanted to share:
The red sweater project.
Mermaid gloves, aka Pomatomus sock turned fingerless mitts
Funny thing- because I am on a yarn “diet” now, all of a sudden I get these cravings for this yarn that until a few days ago I did not even know I “had” to have…
Sundara Yarn
Lorna’s lace

We had such great weather in NYC yesterday. Central park was exploding with color and people. It was one of those perfect days when everybody was smiling. I overheard a conversation, when this one woman told her friends: “it is so beautiful today, after the long winter, that even people who do not believe in god, have to feel some sense of awe towards the universe, and whoever “directs” this resurrection of life we call spring.”
And she was right. Despite some serious stress going on at work, (major, major stuff!) I felt very optimistic about the future, and cheerful. And all that stash at home too........

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Mary, Mary... said...

It took about 17 years and 8 moves to get a house in the burbs. It's supposed to be the guestroom, but we know better.;) Hey, what's a Pink Mohair? That was just a sno-cone with a tequila floater--I should call it a 'Little Leaguer.' I didn't even bother to photograph all my stuff w/out labels--there are limits, you know!
P.S. I mentioned your Sudoku blanket in a Knitter's Review forum. Get ready for a bunch of puzzle happy knitters.