Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Finally, spring has sprung!

It was a gorgeous day here in NYC. The park was great. I had 45 minutes between work and picking up my son from school and of course I sat in the park and knit. Ah! Glory. The sun was so bright!

Sudoku progress report:
Done! Yippy!! I love the way the colors sparkle. now I have to do the border and either knit the back, or back it with a velvet.
what do ya' all think?

I allowed myself to start a new project today, the fingerless gloves from “not just socks” in Koigu.

Knitting on #1 needles is hard!! Normally one would knit the koigu with a #3, but to get the gauge for the gloves, I need to work with the 1. I am just at the ruffle part; it should get smoother any minute now… my wrist is killing me today. Its not like addi, and I do not have 2 #1 circulars right now. I was advised by Barbara to start the second one now, so I don't fall prey to the lonely only syndrome. :-(
I also want to start the lace alpaca scarf, but I am trying to stick to the one project rule. it also works with use your stash month. (The Koigu was here already...)


Necia said...

Nice job. I say go with the velvet. This is a pillow, correct?


spudsayshi said...

Intriguing! I've just become addicted to sudoku, and my mother adores it, so, hmmm.

Also, I just visited your fair city, and hit four yarn stores. Deeply enjoyable.

Thanks for you comment on my blog, too!

Mary, Mary... said...

After 5 million little squares you want to knit more? Velvet-velvet-velvet.
I bite: where's the pattern? I've only seen Diakeito in Boston.(People gripe about the nylon but we need a lighter yarn in TX.)Same with Euro yarns--you see more variety here than in the actual country of origin.
And I'm bringing the snacks to tomorrow's game--I promise to chat nicely.

Nicola said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love your pillow. What a cool idea with the sudoku! Velvet would be a nice back but so would garter stitch knit in random stripes of the same colours.

wendy said...

Hi,thanks for visiting - the tiger sock yarn is opal rainforest - website
warning! the yarn on this site is so yummy...

Rebecca said...

Thanks for visiting my blog again and sharing the Kaffe Fassett tip - I do weave in as I go - just learned how but wasn't sure if it was still enough - nice to learn how many stitches is enough (because of the yo in my pattern I could only do up to 5 stitches on some rows.
Anyway I hope you use velvet - why tire your poor hands for the back of something so amazing!