Sunday, March 19, 2006

To blog or not to blog?

When I first heard about blogs, I thought, who the hell has time to sit and write, on top of the busy life we all live, but as I have discovered the world wide community of knitting blogs and podcasts, I feel I want to play too!
I used to keep a journal for years, but stopped when I was married to my ex. (He always tried to read it...) it was good to write and get stuff out of my head.
So hear I go!

What should I blog about?
Knitting of course! As the title of my blog implies, I turn to knitting in times of stress. Life has been very stressful here, but my knitting is alive and kicking!! So lets talk about that,shall we?
I am going today to my first Project Knitaway. I am realy excited! This is the first meeting for this special meet-up group dedicated to enhancing our knitting. We choose a monthly theme. This time it is SPRING! Never mind that it is only 32ยบ here today in NYC, I can report that the daffodils are begining to pop, so spring can’t be too far away. It better be! We each had to make something to do with spring. Minimum a swatch.

I’ll post mine after the meeting. I had a cool idea. (I think).
So what else am I working on?
Here are some things I recently finished:

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Annie said...

Welcome to the Blog Monster. :-) Hooray!