Thursday, March 30, 2006

One step forward, one frog back!

Had to frog the glove. It was HUGE, even with the #1. I thought I got the gauge right, but it was just too huge and it should fit, like a, well, GLOVE! I have to work the numbers. I hate froging. ( I did not even know what it meant until last week... ripit... ripit...)
Mary wanted to know about the pattern for the pillow. There is none, I made it up, and this is what you do:
So, you first have to solve 2 sudoku puzzles. You can get them at Websudoko they are free. You get 1 skein each of 9 different colors (I got mine at knitpicks $1.79 a skein!) be sure to pick colors that will work with all the colors, cause you have no say at the placement!!!

You assign each number a color. Start knitting. I made mine with the mitered square technique. (Horst Schultz influenced-The techniques he developed make it possible to incorporate many, many colors into your knitting simply. Each garment is constructed of individual units, or modules, which are joined together as you knit. Knowing that many knitters do not like hand sewing or finishing, Mr. Schulz has designed methods of knitting the pieces together. His creations are distinctive, colorful pieces of knitted art that are elegant, yet simple and fun to make.

His two books, "Das Neue Stricken" and "Das Neue Stricken Kindermode", are available in many languages and have recently been translated into English.) You can use other techniques. The great thing is, you knit each little square out of the one before, so there is no sewing!!
Here is the mitered square: (WARNING! Content highly addictive! Can cost you hours of sleep!)
Basic Square:
Remember: K the first stitch of every row (TBL) and slip, P wise, the last stitch of every row.
Cast on 23 stitches.
1st row (WS) K10 SK2po K10
2nd row (RS) K to end. Repeat this EVERY RIGHT SIDE ROW.
3rd row (WS) P9 P3tog P9
5th row K8 SK2po K8
7th row P7 P3tog P7
9th row K6 SK2po K6
11th row P5 P3tog P5
13th row K4 SK2po K4
15th row P3 P3tog P3
17th row K2 SK2po K2
19th row P1 P3tog P1
20th row K3
21st row P3 tog
you can do garter st, in which case you knit all the rows, but do the decreases. you PU stitches for the new sq from the last one.


Mary, Mary... said...

I am so sorry about the glove and on #1 ndls. How low can you go? You may have to find another yarn to get the gauge right. Rats. I've downloaded your page for the instructions. Thank you--really.My plate is very full fiberwise, but as the old Inkspots song goes "Don't know where, don't know when, but we'll meet again some sunny day." Check out my stash on April 1st. cheers!

Cutie said...

I saw that you posted on Necia's blog about not buying yarn because you signed up for Use What You have Month... but that doesn't start till April 1st! So go get that yarn at Joan Vass!!!!

Buying yarn by proxie, Emms :D

Necia said...

I agree leave out the door with a said amount of cash, say $25, don't take no atm card with you, and go handle your business. I really really need more people to go, so if I should happen to be in the neighborhood, they won't have so much to retempt me.