Friday, April 21, 2006

Wow, there are not enough hours in the day!!

The trip to Niagara Falls was great. The area is VERY touristy, its true, but the Falls are absolutely spectacular. Here, my brother got a picture of me on the boat, with a rainbow and a bird!

And long car rides are good for knitting small projects, (yes, socks are good for that!) I finished the fingerless gloves, and the one sock. It turns out my cousins’ daughter’s hands are way too small for this, so I’ll have to make her another pair, much smaller. I gave this one to my son’s babysitter, they fit her beautifully, don’t you think?

What else is in the program? I have to get on with my New York project. I have the plan and the yarn, but have not started. Getting back from vacation- there is a price to pay! Laundry and paperwork and work and emails and phone calls etc. And yesterday, since I was back, one of my coworkers decides to get sick, so I had to work for her, (it was only fair) and had to miss my knitting group get together! I was sooooo looking forward to that! oh well- I'll make up for it on april 30th with a double. two knitting events!

So, the NY project.
A reversible hat with two kinds of sock yarn.
And this amazing jacket from Hanne Falkenberg. The problem is they only sell it as a kit. You can’t just get the pattern, and you have to find a store to order it for you. I think Yarn Connection can do it. They’ll call me back with a quote. [*Later edit- apparently, (Thank you Anonymous !) one can get the kits on eBay for half the price!! (I could get two kits on eBay for the price of one from my LYS. What do you think?)] How did I find out about the jacket? its those blogs you see! there is so much inspiration out there in cyber space- it is scary!!
I have to say, since I found my local knitting group, and knitting blogs, I have been so inspired!
Before, I belonged to the Big Apple Knitters Guild, for years. But in recent years, when knitting got so much more dazzling and inspiring- at BAKG things got very stale and uninspiring, due to a very narrow minded leader. So thanks for all my knitting buddies out there.

Do I need it? When will I have time to make it? What about the rest of my projects? Although, now that I know I don’t have to be monogamous to one project (...) I think it is more doable.
And speaking of "Do I need it?" garngamen has a very interesting quiz- "How do you buy your yarn?"


Garngamen said...

Great mittens! You are falling, like the rest of us, in love with the Hanne Falkenberg designs. That is not hard, colours, finish... The falls looks great! found anotherone: buying yarn, because I got to knit on my trip ;-)

Garngamen said...

BTW.. I missed you for a few days. Glad you are safetely back on the blog!

Anna said...

Hi and thank you for visiting my blog! (It is Swedish :o) Well, I just snowed in on socks. I have a few skeins left in my stash, so there are more to come.
Have a nice weekend!

Mary, Mary... said...

You're killing me! I love that jacket. Once, I bought 'Norsk Strikkedesign' in Oslo along with a dictionary. Charts are pretty universal, luckily. I'll remember your pic of the Falls when it's 100 degrees here.

Anonymous said...

the mermaid jacket from Hanne Falkenberg can be found on eBay for half the price of the stores!!

Mary, Mary... said...

Looks like CucumberPatch on eBay cleaned up on the HF kits.I didn't realize it was side-to-side. I thought it was from the bottom up. I wish you could touch the wool and really see the colors before buying--this coming from an cyberyarn slut. Will this jacket make you smile? You know the answer...

Dave said...

Those gloves look great, and I love your Sudoku pillow !!