Saturday, April 29, 2006

The truth will set you free.

Or so they say. Mary’s got my number. The truth is out. Does everybody know? Why was I the last to find out? Its true. I have been contemplating lace, and not just of late.
I have been wanting to make this (yes, its lace!) lovely scarf/shawl. I have cut it out of a magazine about a year ago. I bought some alpaca for it, a while back, although I think it is too thin for the project. But Mary has an alarming truth on her post today. We do blog hopping, we see delicious yarn, and we want it! Just what happened to me now, on her blog. How could you do this to me Mary? She sends me to this place that sells the most fabulous alpaca I have seen in years. I am in REAL trouble now!! But really, who can resist an alpaca yarn named “chocolate covered kisses”?
As if I need more yarn now.
Look what came in yesterday! From I know what you might be thinking, but really (and if you have knit with Trekking XXL, you KNOW what I am talking about…) Trekking XXL has a taste of more. It just does.
I have been seeing out there in blog land a cute idea. Sock of the Month. This will help regulate the SoxBug. Every month you knit a pair of socks, regardless of what else you got going. The idea is that everybody does his or her own sock design, not limited to a specific one. Who’s in? I am not one to start a KAL, but feel free to do so, and let me know. I’ll join.
AND- the Mermaid has arrived!!! It was really fast, and I am very pleased, although I am not even allowed to take out the instructions until next week (I did squeeze the yarn and I am pleased to say it is softer than I thought.) No, I did not get the purple/pink colorway, sorry. In NYC the dark colors work better... It is the first time I bought anything on eBay. And now that I joined the Hanne Falkenberg KAL, I see that a number of members bought from this seller, Cucumberpatch UK successfully before!
I also found a very thought provoking question on someone’s blog, “what does knitting mean to you” and I was going to share it, but- I lost the blog! Has it ever happen to you? You find a blog you like, by your favorite way of blog hopping (I love to read other people’s comments, and visit their blog) and can’t find your way back, no matter how far back in the history you search? That will teach me to BOOKMARK!!
My reversible hat is coming along nicely. unraveling the crochet chain cast on was easy ( I did it slowly)
Now I have to get off the computer and on to my paperwork and my New York project for Project Knitaway. No I can’t show it yet, it is to be revealed only tomorrow at the Project Knitaway get together. As a matter of fact, tomorrow I’ll have 2 knitting events and I am thrilled. So- no more blog hopping for me for the next 24 hours, cause you know how you can get lost in blogland!!
So leave a comment and say hello. I'll be back in no time and I'll visit with ya' again!


Annie said...

I am seriously afraid of Trekking. I looked online and I was ready to order every colorway. I think I need to see it in person first, as perhaps a weak effort in self control. Damn you Hila, damn you! (Not really, you know what I mean, evil enabler) :-)

Knit-Marie said...

It's like you've read my thoughts. I just now blogged about yarn temptations. Great blog, by the way!

Ava said...

Hi, Thanks for your kind words about my socks! Now that I've completed them for Cirque du Socks, I've resumed work on Mermaid. It's going well and much easier than I thought it would be almost completely due to Amy's chart. You may have read about it on the KAL blog, but in case you haven't, e-mail her for a copy at Though knitting the ridges is boring at times - the cardi is worked sideways so the rows are long - I love working the gussets and working it sideways makes watching the construction fascinating. I hope you won't let the instructions included in the kit delay your start they way I did. Love your blog and the great links. Love NYC too and your comment re darker colors working better there picqued my curiosity: won't NYers wear color this spring?

Annie said...

Ok I'm with you on the sock a month thing. I'll only knit from my soon as I build it....I'm off to hunt for MORE trekking.

Alice said...

Wow! Your posts are seriously packed!! Re the sock of the month thing - it's a great idea. I think it would kind of give us license to have a go at our own ideas and not worry about messing up if it doesn't work. I always feel everything I make has to be a work of art, but having to make a sock to my own pattern or idea would put the creative part at the top of the list, not the outcome. Hope this isn't double-dutch. No offence to Dutch people, just an English saying-of-old.

Mary, Mary... said...

I do not take any responsibility for the steady draining of your children's college funds. My only hope is that they'll be very warm at BQE Tech.
I was thinking(haven't ordered yet) about 'chocolate covered kisses' myself--thanks for the shout! I could definitely go for sock of the month, I've got the year covered just in stash.;)

Rebecca said...

You've been reading my mind too - I lvoe that Mermaid pattern - it is so flattering! I've been tempted by the Trekking, wondering what is so great about it. And I saw that lace scarf too and think it is amazing - and the alpaca colors you chose are fantastic - and me too - the last thing I need is more yarn!!!

aija said...

I'm afraid to start the trekking-- I don't want to fall into the love everyone seems to catch when they're near it :) It does look so delicious knit up though...