Wednesday, April 05, 2006

April Musing

We had a bit of snow today, but it did not last. Spring is here, and that’s that!
So there is a discussion of fashion, and I for one never was one for fashion, I am much too practical to be trendy. Comfort is my guru. My fashionable and trendy friends always scold me for it, but hey- it’s my life! Especially since I have a 4-year-old son. So ok, I started late, (I am 48) but this is where we are today! I love colors when I knit, but I can be found wearing lots of grey and black. Hey grey is a color!! I love all shades of grey, don’t you? I applaud garngamen
for her sense of herself. it is all about how we feel about ourselves!

I found myself thinking about knitting today at work, and it was kind of distracting, but it was not unpleasant. I know- I’d rather be knitting!

I have been working on my glove- and I went with an old Regia yarn I had. I thought the pattern was very feminine, so I used a fatigues like yarn to make it more appropriate for the soon to be college girl this is going to. think i need to cast on for the second one before i finish this one...

To the topic of organizing a stash- some people wanted to know about the plastic bags to store the yarn- you can get it at the container store. It is a fabulous place. They opened a store near my job, but I am not allowed there without a chaperone! Last time I went in, “just to look” when they opened, I had to take a taxi home with all the great stuff I got, so now I can’t go in there alone…

I got ambitious and decided I want to make 2 clapotis, (I have some lovely Australian yarn for it)2 pairs of gloves, 3 scarves (for men). All gifts for the 2006 holiday season. I have a few months… but there are all the OTHER projects I want to make. I seriously think I’ll have to break my own rule and work on more that one thing at a time!!
Oh no! Will I be able to handle it?

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Garngamen said...

Great gloves! So, now are relation across the globe is intesifying. How fantastic, I'm on your blog as well! If you were closer, I would luv to meet you. That would be a knit meet. I will sure put NY on my list. What australian yarn? That looks great.