Friday, April 07, 2006

Knitting is the Best!

None of you knew that right?
Its amazing how my knitting is tight and pulls if I pick it up when stressed or angry, and how smooth and flowing it gets after a little while!
I love that.
I also love finding out about new and interesting stuff from other people's blogs,
Like these knitted vessels.

no time to blog much. got to knit, since family coming over Sunday, and who knows when I'll have time for the whole week!
oh, and speaking of knitting, sorry Clover bamboo, Addi is just sooooooo much smoother!. I have cast on for the second glovelet with 2 #1 addi circ and it is smooth sailing!


Mary, Mary... said...

I'm an Addi fan myself--the investment pays off in time saved, they're so slick. Whaddya mean knitters pay people to knit w/cashmere? I'm going to work up a cabled swatch w/some Furlana I have in stash--oatmeal color. It's 8:40 am and I just made about $50 selling bagged yarn at my neighbor's garage sale--he couldn't believe it sold that fast.Money's already spent on last night's internet purchase of Hana Silk on sale--future shrug?

Areli said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. You're right knitting is the best, very wonderful for relaxing, unless of course it's giving you trouble :-)

Annie said...

I *heart* addi.