Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The last project of 2008, is one more hat! Improvised this one. My son wanted a "cool" hat like skate boarder's hats. Wanted to give him hope for a bright new year. Its going to be on the forefront of his head all winter. He better not lose this one!
Malabrigo worsted merino, less than one skein of the blue and some scraps.
Addi circ US 6 and 7
A note to remember: when doing stranded knitting, its bound to pull the knitting in, and be a lot less stretchy.
Hope Hat

inner hope....

Wishing us all a Happy New Year and Beyond!!


Soo said...

I love the HOPE hat!

Happy 2009!

Jane said...

Love the hat! Happy New Year!

Prunila said...

I wish you a happy new year :))))
Nice Hope hat, I really like the characters you used, and the meaning!

KnitNana said...

And yes, we ALL need to hope this year is better than last!
Happy New Year!

Mary, Mary... said...

Great hat! I'm making Lucha Libre balaclavas for my skatepunks. Happy New Year! It can only get better, right? Please?

miukat said...

The hat turned out sooo cute! Happy New Year! May it be safe, happy and fiberlicious!

knittingingrid said...

Happy New Year to you Hila! Let's hope 2009 will be better than last year - it sounds as though you have a lot going on.
Thinking of you here in London...