Tuesday, December 09, 2008

French emergency situation

Back in May 08, I visited my brother in Paris to deliver Babbette to his baby, and of course I visited La Droguerie and purchased a scarf kit. Its a wonderful kit with delightful yarn but oh NO! I ran out of the bamboo. How can this happen???????? La Droguerie's web site does not sell yarn, so I called my brother and emailed him all the appropriate photos. Lets see how long it takes him to get it.... (the wife is not a helpful option.) I did stress to him that it is AN EMERGENCY!!

Scarf emergencyThe bamboo is ooooooooout!

ETA: As of Christmas day 2008, the yarn has NOT been secured. I am officially launching an international complaint.... If only my SIL was not so "busy." But I said nothing.
Thanks for the offers to help!!!! I will mention it to my brother and SIL. Perhaps that will "shame' her to action? Keep ya' all posted, and Merry Christmas to all!


Yoku said...

Oh my gosh, that is an international crisis. Unfortunately, my copious stash only holds a navy blue wool boucle from La Droguerie. Hey, that handspun hat is gorgeous!

Mary, Mary... said...

Whoops, my kid hadn't signed off. Ahem, good luck!

Danièle said...

I will be near by La Droguerie this afternoon . If I can help let me know within the next 2 hours

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Hey, I gotta know! Did you GET the yarn? (I just love Daniele for offering to stop by and get it for you - hi Daniele!)

Can't concentrate on the last-minute gift knitting until I find out...

Oh - and Midwinter greetings, by the way!

Garngamen said...

That is so lovely... Im also going to Paris soon, so if it is not fixed, just give me a hint... (12-13 of January... Happy holidays my friend.. You knit so wonderful!