Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Hats of 08

2008 was the year of the hats. it was all I could do later in the year, when the global crisis was taking shape. Some hats I loved so much, I repeated more than once... I gave most of them to "needy" heads. Lots of knitting from my stash. Alpaca stash, Noro stash. Lots of soft Malabrigo, and behold, my own handspun!

There are still a few days left, will I knit any more hats this year??????
Hats of 2008

2007 was the year of the socks.
I wonder what 2009 shall inspire?
Maybe Cowls?
Socks of 2007


knithound brooklyn said...

Those are some colorful hats! Very pretty collection.

cosymakes said...

looks like you need two more to fill in that mosaic ;)

Hilde C. said...

What a beatuiful collection of hats! I wish you a merry christmas and a fabulous new year :-)

KnitNana said...

Oh you have to do two more! :)
Just's to a much much better 2009 for all of us!

miukat said...

two more! two more! Hope you had a wonderful holiday!!! See you in the new year :)

Soo said...

I love the hats!! I need to get more creative in my hat making - none of mine come close to your beauties.

All the best for 2009 - whatever sort of knitting year it turns out to be.

tiennie said...

Awesome hats! Happy holidays to you!

astrid said...

waw: lot of hats, but if you have given them away, now is the time to knit one for yourself. Happy newyear!

gail said...

What a fabulous hat collection!!!