Friday, November 17, 2006

ECF- Autumn in New York part II

Unusual warm weather is prolonging this color extravaganza!
I am not complaining or anything.


Shelley said...

Here from a comment you left on another blog.

Those are very beautiful pictures! Our leaves have pretty much fallen off the trees now. No snow yet thankfully, and it's been rather mild too.

Anonymous said...

Yes, there will probably be one huge gust of wind overnight and you'll wake to a beautiful golden carpet.....and that will be it for another year.

Laura said...

Beautiful ECF photos!! We've got the same thing here - extended color season. It's wonderful. I love seeing the bridge in the distance. The leaves - everything. Just beautiful. *sigh* I think I'd like to live in one of those photos for a while. :)

Hilde C. said...

Beautiful colours. It's the same over here, this autumn/winter is way to warm. It's scary I think.