Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Just another Wednesday

I know I have not posted in a while, but life gets in the way sometimes… Many hours at work, so when I get home, its kind of collapse and maybe watch a movie. Good to catch up on knitting- so I made progress on the Calla Lily. (from the Petal Collection) A nice little detail in the back, and lovely yarn to work with. Can you see the gentle sheen it has? Both pairs of socks wait to be turned. Tonight perhaps. . Hopeful is up to the neck/arm part. I have stopped there, for I’ll have to think to continue… (!!) Thinking option has been disabled for this week… The color flow is different in my pair . I saw some of the pairs at the KAL, and mine are different. The colors don't line up the same way. Not sure why.
While working on my Calla Lily, I was wondering about what is the best way to do a Left leaning decreases. I found this great blog that has a discussion about it. you all have to read Nona’s Comparing Left Slanting Decreases. I am so glad I stumbled into her blog and found this. I have been trying all this stuff in a way, but not sure when to use what.
The world is seeing some very tragic consequences of some crazy peoples actions, but the spirit goes on. Here is a story from the New York Times:
NAHARIYA, Israel, July 17 — As members of the Siboni family whiled away Monday afternoon in lawn chairs just outside their bomb shelter, knitting, smoking and reading the Torah, Hezbollah’s rockets suddenly fell with their signature thump.

But here in NYC, the heat is on and the summer is busy. We went to see the Chihuly at the New York Botanical Garden. If you are in NYC at all between now and October- stop by! More photos here.
And for inspiration today:

And finally- what you see has a lot to do with what is on your mind...


Devorah said...

Chihuly is on our "to see" list but strangely enough we will probably see his showing at the Indianapolis Children's museum before we see it here in NYC.

Debbie said...

Ack! I saw sheep! :) And boy, do I wish I could see Chihuly's work live.

Dave said...

I'm loving the wine glass sock holder cozy thingys -- great idea! But makes it kind of hard to drink, doesn't it :-)

KnitNana said...

Gorgeous socks in process...and what a commentary on the situation in the Mid-East, huh?
(yeah, I saw sheep, too!)

Steph said...

Haha, I have glasses/contacts and I still saw sheep ;-)

gail said...

Isn't Chiluly fabulous??? he studied in Wisconsin--at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His glasswork decorates the lobby of the basketball/hockey arena of the University, if you can believe that!!

Garngamen said...

Wow, I see sheep. Hmm where did I put those glasses! Cool presentation of your socks. That is a trick!

Rain said...

Nona rocks. I love the way the socks on the left are striping, it looks really cool.

Um..I saw mushrooms, so I don't know what that says about me.

sgeddes said...

The socks look great. What a neat way to photograph them!

Alice said...

The colours of those socks are lovely.

Oh, the glass! How beautiful the glass in the exhibition is. I would love a few rows of that on my windowsills.

And sheep? I thought they were mushrooms until I looked much closer.