Friday, July 28, 2006

Eye Candy Friday

I know, you wonder what it is; I did too. Here is the explanation: Sundara's idea to inspire and cheer ourselves up on long Friday afternoons.
Her plan is this: late morning or early afternoon on Friday, she is going to post photos that she has taken. Not of knitting, just of things she thinks are pretty or interesting or whatever. she encourages everybody to do the same. you can write something about it, or not.
My problem is, I can't pick just one today. I want to share more photos from the Bronx Botanical Gardens Chihuly exhibit.
Here are some Lotus flowers (also known as Sacred Lotus) and leaf. If you want to see more of the Chihuly exhibit photos click here.


Rain said...

Fab pics and a great idea all round.

I used to live near to some botannical gardens and I miss taking a wander through them.

Garngamen said...

Ohh Lotuses. Stunningly beautiful pictures. Wow. Impressed. And, If you ever come to Sweden I give you a yarntour. Promise.

Beverly said...

I saw a Chihuly exhibit in San Antonio, TX a few years back. It was an indoor exhibit and fairly dark to photograph (you couldn't use flash).

Your pictures and the botanical gardens are breathtaking.

Heather said...

OMG..the Chihuly exhibit is incredible. We traveled to see his works in Seattle/Portland, and they were amazing. I love seeing glass sculpture out and about in the sunlight where the light does it justice. Thanks for sharing these!

Alice said...

Thant's a good idea. I'll participate if I remember at the right time!

Your photos are really beautiful. I especially like the one at the bottom, the green one.

Sundara said...

Ooo, love the lotus photos! So, pretty!