Friday, May 05, 2006

Stress Reduction

Knitting is supposed to calm us, and relax us and make us FEEL GOOD! But I read so many knitters out there who are stressed out by the amount of knitting to be done and the yarn to be purchased! we have to balance it.
I hear ya’ people, and I am also super inspired myself, but I sill find it fun and stimulating. So much so, that I am on a roll. Socks everywhere, mermaid in the wings and pillows all over, lace (there, I said it)and much much more coming soon, but I have to make a list- a short list and a long list… My problems are time (life gets in the way of knitting...) and budget ('nogh said...)
Socks for May- bubble wrap, n Koigu from stash.
Socks for June- Dave’s Basketcase maybe in another Koigu from stash, (see also here) or Gentleman’s Fancy socks from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush, which I just received today! Fantastic book, with all the different heels, toes, the in-between, etc. It is hard to decide what socks to make, I relate to yarn bug about getting books and downloading patterns. You think I have enough materials?....... so much to choose from.
So, sock of the month club is on!! Mary called it SOTMCWR, but I have no idea how to set the multi users blog, and Annie said- there is one in cyber space already. so check it out. The site also has a great selection of socks patterns. It will be nice to have our own SOTMCWR (sock of the month club without rules)- but need someone to set and admin it.
But socks or no socks, please visit Mary for a virtual hug (big storm) and DancesWithWool for some inspiration, how the bumps, (purl) difficult as they are, really enhances the smooth ride, stockinet, and much more..


Dave said...

Maybe I need to make a list of things to do too. I'll add that to my list of things to do :-)

HildeC said...

I agree with you, knitting should be relaxing. I started to knit in order to reduce my stresslevel, and it worked. When I start to feel stressed when it comes to knitting, I walk around in my house, and give myself an ultimatum: Either you knit AND relax, OR there will be no more knitting. I always end up choosing the relaxing and knitting option (the other option would make me to depressed ;-)