Friday, May 26, 2006

Culture, but no time to knit.

Oh, and have you heard the one one about the Bunny KAL? No, I am not kidding you. It has many links to- - - bunny patterns, what else? And NO, this one is cute but not for me....
The lists of projects (short and long) are being revised and finalized! (I am soooo trying) but every time I think its final, a new project comes up! I'll update soon.
It seems like time just flies and not much knitting gets done, or blogging (or sleeping for that matter, and its starting to get to me!). Have family in town, and while its fun, it means that little knitting was done. (it did motivate me to straighten out around here Mary...) In our search for fun and culture we hit some galleries in Chelsea and got inspired. we visited the Point, and I bought NOTHING. Its true, (not that I did not want to, but with all the stuff coming my way via the internet, its not cost effective) although we did have tea there. (its also a cafe)
Here are some highlights. The baskets are made in Panama, by the locals. In NYC, they sell for hunderds of dollars. Do you wonder, like me, how much they pay the local women in Panama?

Some people have been knitting: Just thought if you need a weekend pick-me-upper, check out the Flower Fairies
The Trekking KAL is coming up, plus a new (still hush hush)speical sock KAL. I'll post some more stuff (I am knitting, I promise) tomorrow.


Mary, Mary... said...

The baskets are beautiful and it always make me wonder if any money ever gets to the actual weaver/knitter/crafter. Thanks for the link to that blog. Kinda spooky that I sensed errors in those patterns. She has a link to some Japanese Feather socks that look great. Have a fun weekend!

Rain said...

It looks you had a fun day out. The baskets are beautiful but unfortunately very little goes to the crafters. Do you have Fair Trade stuff in the US? Here you know if you buy it that a fair price has been paid for it at it's point of origin.

Alice said...

What beautiful baskets! What are they made of? It's immoral how much money can be made through the exploitation of others - people who probably feel they are in no position to argue.