Tuesday, May 16, 2006

It’s been busy here in NYC

It’s been busy here in NYC, and with the weather more or less like this for a good few days now, one gets stuff done! Due to some major schedule changes at work last week, (not good for the bank account, but…) I got lots of paperwork done (hooray till the next batch). What I have not made is a firm short list and long list, yet. I keep finding more things I want to make.

I had a play/knit date with Barbara, and we had great fun. I meant to cast on for the Mermaid, with Barbara holding my hand… but did not get to it. Barbara is doing a lot of crochet.

I finished my bubble wrap socks. I made the second sock a bit narrower on top, and it is interesting how 6 stitches can change the color repeats. (or the skeins varied a lot. I love the way they came out, and now I know, Koigu=64 stitches with US1.

In the "how much damage can you do in a rainy weekend" department I excelled!
I joined Sundara’s petal collection (every month for 6 month you get 2 skeins for socks inspired by the flower of the month- right up my ally…)
The Trekking XXL KAL (knit with Trekking on a hike) here are the Trekking troops who will join me... The first one to be knit will be the deep red.

I submitted to Whiplash, the theme was yarn, I chose metalic yarn
And Mary lead me to this:
the yarnographers forum a place for yarn pr0n fans to share their shots of yummy yarns and fabulous fibers.
I found this little handy guide: Knitters', Crocheters', Weavers', & Spinners' Travel Guide 2006 (Paperback)
and this little lady who is knitting herself.
Now quick, back to my knitting!


Annie said...

Hila, what are you doing to me? WHERE do you find this stuff??? I need to evaluate my summer projects...I so want to join both, but the Petal thing...remember I said I would knit from my stash as soon as I built it? I can no longer open my stash case without skeins falling out. Maybe I can join the petal thing in the winter. These KAL's are so you, yay! Fun knitting!

Frances Goodman فرانسيس said...

Thanks for linking me to the picture of your Koigu jacket. It is beautiful! It's nice to see projects with that yarn that are not just the standard stuff.

Alice said...

The socks are obviously not shop-bought-they're raving mad! But I like them. And thanks for all those links! Love that doll.... Gotta go - it's midnight here and I have a sick child today..Gotta get sleep...

Mary, Mary... said...

Ok, I just sent an e-mail to Sundara to join the Petals Subscription for 6-months. I still think we need a sock KAL, I mean we're single-handedly financing the sock yarn dyers of the world!

Mary, Mary... said...

DH has left for biz trip. Will piddle w/Blogger for sock KAL. Name?

Monica said...

Thanks for your comment. You've got so many colorful socks and sock yarns. I'd like to try Trekking some day, I keep seeing it around. Maybe I'll make some handspun in similar colors. :)