Saturday, March 29, 2008


Spring is in the (chilly) air. I had a spring awakening; I am no spring chicken! With it come spring cleaning (and much needed reorganizing and regrouping) and a spring break from stuff. I'll be back soon. Happy crafting. What's your spring story?

like swan wings


astrid said...

well, here in Holland everything is still grey and wet. But when the first sun shines in my house, I see the dirty windowpanes and go straight outside for a firm walk along the beaches with my dogs!
I like a clean house but I hate cleaning it. A cleaning lady is money well spend for a working, knitting, reading woman with kids such as I. Life is to short for things you hate.

astrid said...

I mean tOO short!

KnitNana said...

Ours have come and gone, but since I love them so much, I love seeing your perfect photo!

elan said...

No crocuses here yet, I'm not sure if I'll get anything at all, construction in the yard led to large amounts of gravel being dropped by a small bulldozer that drove repeatedly over my Daffs. The only signs of spring I expect to see are the shivering knees of the determined teens heading to school in shorts.