Thursday, January 25, 2007

Moving on....

Thanks for your nice words about my knitting! Many of you have asked how I knit so fast, (which I think of only as so-so fast, compared with some pros...). well, its simple- I knit while I watch television, at lunch time from work, and sometimes, (ahmm) when I am supposed to do other things... Like paperwork... Sigrid gave me permission to NOT do paperwork on the weekend, and I will use this card! (thanks pal!) You also asked about the pillow my feet are resting on. Its my sudoku pillow. You can read all about it in this post- (scroll to bottom)
So here are the Zombie socks. I did have enough yarn. What lovely yarn! Its very "Koigu"
The yarn is sKNITches’ Bebop Sock in Zombie
The pattern: Oak Ribbed socks (Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush) but I made the rib K3, P1,K1,P1 over 66 stitches.
US1 2 circs.
I am going over stash and old books to pick a next big project, and one thing got nixed: Minimalist Funnel Neck. I started it with Rowan felted tweed, but it was just too annoying. I recall Alice had trouble with all those confusing increases. Its a shame, since it looked like a fun pattern, but- NO. so what next? Not sure. Looking. Its really fun going over old books. I do want to use the felted tweed. I have the color Ginger. Have you seen Dave's awesome mitts?
I also frogged Hopeful. I was really not into that pattern. Its a great Rowan cotton/wool in red. I will use it better some other way.
OTN- a little scarf in 3 color seed stitch in pink, purple, blue. Its for a little girl in the same gym as my son's. She saw me knitting while waiting for him and asked me if I'll make her something in those colors. Dive to stash! Some nice merino, but no bands, so I don't know what is the yarn.
Its fun to make, even as it is bright....


Liz K. said...

I remember glancing at the Minimalist pattern and deciding that it was the most ironically named pattern ever. There is nothing minimalist about the way the pattern is written.

But I bet you could figure it out.

KnitNana said...

Oh...those socks!!! WOW. I LOVE that colorway and don't you know it's sold out!
Whatever you choose to do next will be wonderful, I'm sure!
Stay warm!

Alli said...

I just finished knitting the Minimalist Pattern (it's not on my blog yet but it will be soon). It's not so bad once you start knitting it. I mean, the writing is a bit confusing and I had to black out each row as I finished knitting it to keep track of where I was but it's not really that much of the pattern. I think I knit the whole yoke in two evenings of tv watching.
If you like it, I'm sure you could figure it out.
On the other hand, if you found something else you like, that's good too.

Zonda said...

Those look awesome! Hope you send your picture to Sknitches, I bet she'd love to see it knit up! Nice job! The scarf is looking good too! :)

Hilde C. said...

Great socks! :-)

Annie said...

I think that scarf is adorable!

I'm supposed to be cleaning right coming...and a party my hubby is throwing...but blog hopping is much more fun!

Garngamen said...

You darling you. You are a true fast knitter. And SOOOO beautiful socks and patterns, and colours and picture, it is finally a great weekend when you can refresh youself by looking at your fantastic blog. Ahhh! Thank you. Im so not going to do anything but blog, knit, eat and sleep the next two days!

Dave said...

Those socks look totally yummy -- great colours, and the pattern shows very well with the yarn.