Monday, August 29, 2011

The Tale of Iro the Hero

These days its all about stash busting and making something new out of something old. I set to clean up stash for projects and found some skeins of a lovely shade of Noro Iro (#40).
It just jumped on the needles and knit itself! Twice!
Iro Man CowlMan CowlNoro Iro double cowl/snood
Noro Iro double cowl/snood
Noro Iro double cowl/snood


Becca said...

Love the color combinations and I especially like the fancy movie star look with the sun glasses on ;-) I've subscribed to your blog through a news feed and am always delighted about any of your new projects...I am not a stalker...just wanted to point that out ;-)

KnitNana said...

I agree with Becca on the movie star look, but might mention I did a double-take on the heavy woolens with the short-sleeved t-shirt!

Monica said...

Got here via flickr. Love your blog. This cowl is beautiful! Awesome colors!

garnlek said...

Hi, Inspired by your cowls, especially the Man Cowls, I knitted one today in a Finnish yarn. You can see it on my Ravelry (garnlek) and I will also post it to my blog.