Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Emergency Day

So someone has to do the heavy lifting!

This year seems to be the Year Of The Cowl!!

Looped Cowl
Catalina Yarns Baby Silk
Addi US8

Lava Cowl
The Road To China
Addi US8
Lava Cowl


garnlek said...

Your cowls are beautiful and awesome. Do you have a pettern for the blue one?

KnitNana said...

So pretty! You'll stay nice and warm with all that snow, right?

Jen said...

Great action shot! Oh, yes, the cowls are good too.

Maureen said...

Hi! I just found your blog're knitting is incredible! Can you please share the source for the Looped Cowl, the Lava Cowl, and the Road to China Cowl? I Googled them but wasn't successful.
Thanks so much for your help...stay warm and happy knitting!