Saturday, July 25, 2009

Desperatly seeking mojo

Can a bunch of Rowan magz and some alpaca save this knitter's mojo? This knitter here, sure hopes so. please share- how do you find your mojo back?Can a bunch of Rowan magz and some alpaca save this knitter's mojo?


KnitNana said...

Personally? Hon, those mags would definitely help mine come back! Gorgeous...Ravelry helps, too - searching thru the patterns.

And Knitspot always does (of course half the time, she also makes me want to cook!!! Especially NOW)

Good to see you back - maybe your mojo will come back in September?

nicolina said...

oh how i know your feeling! moving out here made me think "where did my knitting love go??" cut yourself some slack and pretty soon, you'll remember how much you love knitting. oh, and groping yarn at purl would help!

annmarie said...

it doesn't work for everyone, but it did for me - knitting monogamy, that is. I decided that I wanted to get myself out from under all the WIPs and UFOs.

I pick up whatever the current project of focus is and work on that until it's done. As I've worked my way through the pile, I've found myself feeling better and better.

I'm down to the last 2 things (if I don't count the blanket that haunts my dreams)and feeling the knitting mojo coming back.

My goal is to finish these things before going back to teaching in Sept. and to begin the new school year with fresh projects. Kind of like starting with new notebooks, pencils, etc. :)

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

You need a break from knitting. Wander out (down into SoHo, why not?) and just relax. Read some books, listen to music, do other things. You know, the things you used to do before knitting...

We've all had our mojo disappear. It always comes back. Just give yourself and it the time and the space. It will be even better when it does return, in plenty of time for the winter, promise!

garngamen said...

Just suffered the same "mojo-fluctuation", and it went bad when I try to force myself to knit on a few items, and finish WIP's. So, now Im unfaithful jumping around on project, starting random projects and it is so much more fun. And I do think the break advice is good. Do something else. I only needed a few days in the garden to really long for a moment with my knit ideas. Now I can almost focus again ;-)