Saturday, May 23, 2009

I have been knitting, honest......

....... but not as obsessively as in the Fall. I have been reading and enjoying photography as well, and guess what, there is no way for me to do it all. (although, some of my cyber friends seem to do it).
This is going to be, when it grows up, a log cabin blanket, with the square color sequences originally determined by a random sequence generator. Its fun. I picked 7 sequences, for my 7 colors of this alpaca. 9 down, another 40 or so to go?
US 3 / 3.25 mm
Sajama Alpaca, 7 colors, un-dyed.


KnitNana said...

It's so good to hear from you! I like your log cabin!!!

Melissa said...

very clever. Do you have a pattern or is it coming from your own mind/needles? I love it. Its such a great play on blankets and quilting.

Hilde C. said...

Good luck on your project - I think it will look great :-)