Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some FO!

the look..........
close up
Gentleman's Fancy Knee-High Socks
Addi US 1½ / 2.5 mm
Trekking (XXL) 110
The toe:
Had to finish the knee highs with some yarn from the basket. I should have thought ahead, and done the heel with the dark color, it would have been a classic, but hey... Nickerjac Sock Yarn left over from the Sidewinders sock. I made only one cause the pattern was not great, but I love the yarn!

scarf of many colors on
scarf of many colors.1striped scarf
Striped Scarf. Bamboo and bits of alpaca scarf kit from la droguerie Paris. Finally! I received from my brother who lives in Paris, the second skein of bamboo I ran out of! I LOVE the colors and it feels like a dream, but I wish I made it wider.
US 2


tiennie said...

Those are awesome FOs! Love how well the colors all work together. :)

Soo said...

Your posts are always the most colourful and always bring a smile to my face. I need to make some more colourful stuff!!!

KnitNana said...


Anonymous said...

Nice socks! I have just been looking at this pattern this week and wanting to knit it. Perhaps soon it will come onto my needles...

gail said...

What wonderful socks and scarf. I'm envious that you have a brother in Paris to send you stuff from La Droguerie! Lucky woman.

Leslie said...

I love all this color! I made one of those scarves a couple of years ago...it's so fun to knit!