Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Comfort Knits

Based on the Child's Rainbow Scarf. Its a really easy pattern.
Noro, silk garden sock S84, 2 skeins.
Addi circ lace us4

The yarn feels lush and the fabric drapes beautifully. Softer on the neck than Kureyon.

I CO75
I slipped the first stitch of every row, to give a nicer edge.
I used 2 skeins of the same colorway, in stripes.
This is a fun pattern and the surprise of the yarn keeps you going! Its what I call "comfort knits." Knitting projects with yarn and pattern familiar and easy. You slip into it with very little thought, and it is immediately satisfying.
child's rainbow scarf

hot stuff!


CCC (Crazy Cooking Camper) said...

Nice scarf! And you are one courageous woman to wear it in +39!!!

Dave said...

I looks wonderful, but wow, that's a lot of ribbing. Good for zoning out, tho, and just going with the flow. I'm still waiting for my LYS to get their Silk Garden sock in - sigh.

You should get an award for that second picture: "Blogger dedication -- must show off the FO!" :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey there pretty scarf! The colours are lovely!

Soo said...

Yep - putting that scarf on in that temperature is definitely dedication to the blog above and beyond the call of duty!!

knithound brooklyn said...

Really nice scarf.

Marie said...

it's fabulous! love the last photo!

KnitNana said...

HI! Missed the scarf - and you're very brave to model it in that heat!