Monday, July 02, 2007

Lovely Monday!

Yes it is. The first morning of my week of mornings vacation. I am off all mornings this week! ya!
All the S guesses were right! This Super Sock knitter, got a Singer Sewing machine on Saturday! Just in time for my week off, although I did not have time to even open the box. This week, my son is in camp in the mornings... so- I'll have time. Its a week to start and finish and clean up and organize, and spend some time on Ravelry, ( as if I have not...). I have been to the container store to, well, get containers, and bags for my yarn. some of the stuff is so great- travel space bags. Helps in a small apartment for stash you are not going to use this week, or soonish (ahmm...).
Paperwork will be finished today. I am down to one small pile!
Sidewinder, Gothic Leaf Stole, Green Bag #2. I am knitting away at my Sockapalooza socks. its a good thing my pal is not my size. I love this yarn so much, I would have been tempted to keep them. I got some more of this great yarn, so I will make a pair for me as well soon!
It was a perfect Sunday afternoon. Sit N Knit NYC kicked off our July Sidewinder KAL in Central Park. It was a little difficult to count and talk and laugh and chat while trying this all new techinique- but there was always help when you needed it, be it extra yarn for provisional cast on (PCO), crochet hook for PCO, read instruction out load to make sense, and the gorgeous yarns everybody is using! I LOVE our knitting group. We have done so many cool things in the past year! Charity Knitting, Holiday parties, spinning, sock exchange, communal baby blanket, WWKIP day, and we KIP all the time in Central park and public atriums. Sit n Knit and watch movies, and now Sidewinder (the cool socks nona invented) KAL. But the best part is (are) the people! If you are going to visit NYC, come and say hi, we are here!

An now, if you will excuse me- I got some fun to "do"!


annmarie said...

Don't you just love summer mornings when you *don't* have to race around getting ready for work? :) I enjoyed meeting you and the other S'n'K members yesterday!

Harlem Purl said...

I love the sit n knit bunch also:-) That sidewinder is very addictive. I was up til 1am knitting on that thing. I can't wait to see how it shape up.

KnitNana said...

What a great way to spend your time off!

tiennie said...

Yay! Can't wait to see your creations with your Singer sewing machine!

Artis-Anne said...

Enjoy your time off. I have dust on my seing machine and overlocker at the moment. I used to do so much sewing . Love the colour of the socks

sgeddes said...

Hope you have a nice time off and have fun with that new sewing machine. I bet you will make wonderful things.

Annie said...

We do rock, don't we? Thanks for being part of the group! WOO HOO!