Monday, October 02, 2006

Time is short and the fun plentiful!!

Ok knitters, the time is short and the fun plentiful!! Lots of work coming up in October and beyond. First of all, October is breast cancer awareness month. Don’t forget and make something pink (or pinkish). Maybe Chemo caps can be a great way to help. I am going to start one is a minute… I am thinking Odessa I am also going to finish Hopeful, for next year, but I want to finish it. Also Knitty has a special printable section for just this purpose. Check it out.
Socktoberfest. What a happening! So far (as of today 10/3/06) 1538 knitters have signed up! Knitters, we are becoming a global power! Its barely October, and already the Socktoberfest Flickr group is HUGE! I am not listing my socks to-do list here. Lets just say I'll see ya' all in Halloween with a much larger sock circle...
Now that my ISE project is finished, (My pal is Holly of HollYarn) I am ready to start the Red Scarf Project. I started the Irish hiking scarf, with some of the alpaca (I LOVE knitting with it) from the Olof. Maybe I'll also make Rain’s Infinity Muffler. I know I can find some yarn in the stash for that……. As a matter of fact, I am sure I can find some yarn to do both an we have until Jan 2007!

Speaking of Olof, it is coming along nicely! But I swear my son’s arms just grew longer (from last week…) Now I know why my grandmother had always knit items for us two sizes too big. By the end of the season, you outgrew it… I know how to cut the sleeves and make them longer, (thanks to my friend Barbra, who talked me through the process on the phone once), and, can you see I reversed the pattern on the sleeves? Not by design. That’s what happens when I knit late at night. It shouldn’t be allowed!! So I'll have to cut, and here is the first step.

And I MUST start, at least start, the Mermaid. It’s looking at me now everyday. I placed the bag in a location I have to see every day, and the mermaid song is loud and clear…
Also coming up to this blog soon, ribbed cardi in Rowan Felted tweed (in stash in color ginger (its orange, for October… ala sock pron) and the knucks in the Rowan Scottish Tweed 4 Ply (not in my possession yet, but keep an eye out for color #015 - Apple…) See Annie, I am tweeding too!
Here are some of my ideas for my Knucks, what do you think?
These remind me of the Dr. Seuss books I read with my son now, like Fox in Socks, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, Hop on Pop, etc.

And I’ll leave you with two new blogs I stumbled upon in my rainy Sunday morning blog hopping.
Green Knitters- all about organic knitting, natural dyes, etc. How to knit, crochet, or tat and make a difference in politics and the health of the planet at the same time. It may seem like a tall order, but I am telling you knitters, we have the global power to change the world one stitch at a time!
And The Daily Knitter. Check it out! They put together many resources! You’ll find it all at The Daily Knitter. Does this sound true: "Nothing is better at melting away the day’s stresses than a soft ball of yarn and the click-click of knitting needles." If so- check it out...

P.S London count down = 10 days! Mary is going as well!! Ya! And of course some of the London knitters I have cyberly met, who I am very excited to meet in person. My brother, computer Techie, ( who will take care of my son while I am away) thinks its very amusing (global knitters unite...) but when he heard more than 1500 knitting bloggers signed up for Socktoberfest in a matter of weeks, he is starting to have second thoughts… and ask for socks...


Sharon said...

Sounds like a great October for you and how cool is 'London' going to be!!

gail said...

Wow, you have a busy life! the trip to London is FAB (I think that is what they say in London!). And, your sweater is gorgeous, the scarves marvelous, etc. etc. I've just started my second consecutive pair of Mermaid socks--I liked the first pair so much I just had to start a second pair, even if I haven't finished all of my unfinished objects!! Rats, Mermaid made me break my vow. Does it help that it is a Christmas present??? Have a great time in London.

Lolly said...

I have socks on the brain right now, but I also have to finish up the scarf for my ISE pal ;)

Thanks for being a part of Socktoberfest!

Patty said...

WHY would you admit the sleeves are not by design???? I myself, think they make a wonderful design feature. Wear it with pride!!!

Harlem Purl said...

My favorite is SOCK DIVA. Can I borrow that one?

Hilde C. said...

All those projects - I can't understand how you do it :-) Thank you for sharing so many interesting links. I think the Mermaid looks really elegant, and I can't wait to see the finished result. And for the Knucks? I liked the ones with the word "DIVA" in it :-)

Rain said...

I think I'd be tempted by HPNY KNIT or YARN PORN for the Knucks.

I thought the sweater looked good with the reverse colours. I certainly wouldn't have thought it was anything but intentional.

The IHS looks fab in that red. They're both great projects that you're knitting for.

You've reminded me that I really need to put the yardage on that pattern...

aquaknits said...

I vote for SOCK DIVA or YARN PORN, either would be really cool!

Your brother better watch out, we knitters are a force to be reckoned with, and we carry sticks. ;)

Mary, Mary... said...

hey, where are we going to dinner? FRINILights is like football with pathos. Knucks--KNIT THIS, hey, maybe I'll that one! KNIT PURL?

Garngamen said...

YARN DIVA! I just luv your web site, your knitting and your great links. In summary Im becoming a huge fan of you. So, I have just told my boss I'm going to London to meet a friend - I Knitter from New York. They are shaking their head. But How on EARTH am I going to find you?? I will be around thursday and friday (!)

Nad said...

Hila, I could not find your email on the blog so I decided to leave the comment to thank you for the most amazing swap package from KTS2! I love everything and you picked the perfect surprises for me- I just snuggled up with a cup of tea and am ready to cast on the socks! Perfectly wound balls of Lorna's- and I don't have to wind them myself!!!! Squee! Thank you so much for spoiling me rotten!! And have fun in London!
Hugs and thanks, Nadine

chawne said...

Wow, what a month! Your scarf and sweater are looking great! Thanks for the link to the Green Knitters; sounds like and interesting group.

gail said...

Lengthening the sleeves on your son's sweater is a good trick! I like the reverse color pattern, however. I'd leave it! I need to make some sleeves shorter soon, when I finish another project!