Friday, June 02, 2006

Desperately Seeking Balance.

To knit? To blog? To blog hop? How about work and family? Or reading? How about the greatest of leisure- SLEEP…. Too much to do, and clearly not enough time. So how to find that elusive BALANCE? (Balance between the metaphysical Law and Chaos — law by itself being overly controlling, chaos being overly unmanageable, balance being the point that minimizes the negatives of both.)
Part of the answer is better time management, and being very disciplined about sticking to the “plan.” So what is the plan?
I have made my lists (Disclaimer: I reserve the right to modify them at any time…).
My short sock list:
Finish the Basketcase
Trek with my Trekking XXL #36
Diana’s Fetzenmuster in Meilenweit Cotton Fun
Whatever sundara sends next from the Petal Collection.

Socks long list:
Oak Ribbed Socks, from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush in one of my other Trekking XXL (you know I got them…)
Sock Bug’s lacy scallops in on of my LLS
Mata Hari socks
Razor Shell Socks in, hmmmmm, let me think…
Socks for my son from leftover Trekking. Generic sock pattern.

The Trek has started. My yarn and I have been spotted in Central Park by the Pond. This yarn is very colorful, so I decided not to make an elaborate pattern, but just enjoy the color. I still want some rib for the leg, so I am doing a 6/2 seed stitch rib, like Thuja from Knitty, but I wanted the K stitches to be wider.
Not socks short list:
VK scarf/ shawl
The cami.

Not socks long list:
Lopi like sweater for my son, but in alpaca
Lopi for my dad (clearly, this year's father day is not the target for this cardigan...)

Its a start! now what to do next...To knit? To blog? To blog hop? How about work and family? Or reading? How about the greatest of leisure- SLEEP…. Too much to do, and clearly not enough time.!!!!!!


aija said...

Breathe, knit. Do a bunch of other important stuff and remember it, blog when you breathe again. :)

Can't wait to see your trekking progress though, I still can't decide on a pattern.

Rain said...

It sounds like a plan.

Sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day.

Bridget said...

Love your Trek pictures!

aquaknits said...

It would be great if we got all the things done we intend to...but sleep and breathe, THOSE are the important ones. You look very peaceful sitting at the pond though. :)

Annelie said...

I think you are going in the right direction. At least you made a list of what you need/ought to do. That's a start. And even a good one too. But I recommend sleep. If you don't get enough sleep nothing else will work and it can also have an effect on your well being. And that is why I'm going to bed right now. To take care off my health. Sleep tight...

Annie said...

KNIT!!!!! :-)

Krawuggl said...

this is exactly how I am feeling, too. So I hope, you can advice me how to get it all done when you figured it out, - relying on you.
Until then I will stay here, trying to relax and waiting for some inspiration.
Have a good time though, enjoy every single day,

Rebecca said...

I am so jealous of your petal collection membership - would love to see what you've gotten so far (did I miss it in previous posts?)

I've been napping cuz I've been sick - would rather be knitting!

Garngamen said...

What a sock-craze going on in NY! Central park socking... that looks really great. I think Sleep- really sleep in. Then you feel so much better, and the rest will just go like a charm. Knitting and family is a joint venture. But I must say Im a bit confused here. Trekking and knitting AT THE SAME TIME? Well, I couldnt do that, but I know they did in the old days. A sock should be around 2 miles or so...(with goats or sheep, or cows I assume!) But you seem so organized to me. Lists.. I luv them!

Monica said...

From the outside I'd say Sleep, but when I'm in a tizzy wondering what to do, sleep seldom wins.

Alice said...

Due to problems with my pc I recently had to cut down on my blogging and online purchasing activities! Do you know what? I am feeling so much more balanced as a result. Even now that I have a new pc I'm doing less of everything to do with the knitting and a bit of everything else - not that I don't still absolutely have to knit - I do. But I feel happier doing it, as if now it's justified....

Lynn said...

No, I don't live in NYC and if I told you where I do live, you'd delete this email. Just kidding. What I want to do is get a list of wonderful knitting things to do in an 8 hour day in NYC.(from 11 am to 7 pm) Great shops, good recomendations, a nice place to sit and knit and eat lunch, on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, starting July 14th.
Now, this list isn't just for me, even though I am an avid knitter, it is for a client of mine. I plan to bring bus loads of knitters to NYC on a self guided tour kind of thing. Each will arrive with an easy map and money to spend. The day will be a short 8 hours and then back on the (delete b word) and home to Baltimore. Oh god, now you know where we're coming from...if anyone would like to add to this list, be included in the list and tour, especially if you have a business or a shop or a favorite place, please, please please email me. I am wishing I'd find a tour guide as well,someone that I could turn these dozens and dozens of eager knitters over to for a great time in the city. Kind of like the Sex in The City tour. My client is and click on NYC tours.